MARC Executive Dialogue

The MARC Executive Dialogue is a workshop for C-Suite leaders and their direct reports to equip them with the skills to unpack and overcome common roadblocks to progress.

Enabling Leadership to Accelerate Meaningful Culture Change

Men hold the overwhelming majority of C-Level executive roles. Therefore, men are in a privileged position to make progress on DEI and gender partnership. This workshop is critical for unlocking meaningful change. This program is:

  • For 15-25 participants
  • Online or in person
  • 4hrs
To ensure that your executive teams remain committed to driving systemic change in a credible and authentic way and benefit from creating workplaces and cultures that are fair, equitable, and inclusive, please reach out to us for more information about pricing and availability.


The Lasting Impact

Through interactive dialogue, executives explore their own personal case for gender equity and come away with a nuanced understanding of the fundamental dynamics of the challenges they face.

Know How to Turn Their
Commitment Into Action
Will Continue to Use What They Have Learned in the Workplace
Would Recommend
to Colleagues and Peers

“There is simply no substitute for sitting across from women in the MARC environment and listening to how they feel. Raw conversations, emotional, moving, and hearing about the struggles that they went through and are going through.”

—Al Monaco, Former CEO, Enbridge


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