Gender Pay Gap

The gender pay gap is alive and well, even though closing it, along with the gaps in opportunity and leadership, isn’t just the smart thing to do, it’s the right thing to do. Fortunately, business leaders and organizations have an opportunity to help move the needle right now to close these gaps, because until women achieve parity in business leadership roles, they will be marginalized in every other arena, and the pay gap will remain.

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Gender Pay Gap

One Way to Tackle Systemic Racism: Tackle the Gender Pay Gap

4 steps every business needs to take.

Business Case

Women in the Workforce – Mexico: Quick Take

While important advances have been made, Mexican women still face many workplace challenges.

Business Case

Women in the Workforce – China: Quick Take

Although Chinese women hold one of Asia's highest labor-force-participation rates, cultural norms put working women at a disadvantage.

Top Resources

Women’s Earnings – The Pay Gap: Quick Take

A statistical overview of the global gender pay gap including data from Canada, Europe, and the United States.

Catalyst Award Winner

Deloitte: Inspiring Women (Case Study)

Deloitte Australia is creating scalable culture change through equity goals, progressive parental leave and flex options, and modeling from leaders.…

Gender Pay Gap

Gender Pay Gap: Fragen an Catalyst Express

Daten zum geschlechtsspezifischen Lohngefälle und den damit verbundenen globalen Herausforderungen.

Gender Pay Gap

L’écart Salarial Entre les Sexes: Fiche Catalyst Express

Données sur l'écart de rémunération entre les hommes et les femmes et les défis mondiaux créés.

Gender Pay Gap

The Gender Pay Gap: Ask Catalyst Express

Data on the gender pay gap and the global challenges created by issues surrounding pay equity and pay parity. Read…

Gender Pay Gap

Why the Chants of Equal Pay at the Women’s World Cup Matter

The USWNT are stars who produce results—and revenue—for their employers. So why aren’t they compensated fairly?

Gender Pay Gap

A Woman on the Partner Track: What I Learned About Bias, Gender, and the Need for Change

The roots of gender inequality in the workplace are deep, outdated, and often hidden or unconscious.  Let's challenge them. Read…

Gender Pay Gap

Employers: Fix the Pay Gap, or You’ll Be Left Behind

There is broad consensus that women should be paid equally. Employers need to back that up to eradicate the gap.…

Catalyst Award Winner

Case Study: Schneider Electric—Attracting and Retaining Women in Schneider Electric India

Learn about Schneider Electric's Catalyst Award-winning initiative.

Gender Pay Gap

Webinar Recording: Equal Pay Day

Listen to this webinar to hear how organizations can take action to end the pay gap.


Catalyst illumine des édifices partout dans le monde à l’occasion de la journée internationale des femmes

Ce soir, à la veille de la Journée internationale des femmes, Catalyst illuminera des édifices afin de porter un message…


Catalyst Takes Over Global Skylines on International Women’s Day

On the eve of International Women’s Day 2018, Catalyst is using buildings as beacons to send a powerful message to…

Gender, Race, and Ethnicity

No, Black Women Still Don’t Earn The Same As Their White Peers. Here’s Why.

The gender pay gap is partly a result of systemic barriers and biases—not because of skills and qualifications.

Gender Pay Gap

Webinar Recording: Actions to Make Every Day Equal Pay Day

Listen to this webinar recording to hear about tools and best practices available to help your organization end the pay…

Gender Pay Gap

5 Ways To Close The Gender Pay Gap

Here are a few solutions, along with some helpful tips for closing the pay gap once and for all. Read…

Gender Pay Gap

Women are Getting a Seat at the Table, but the Pay Gap Remains

The pay gap still remains and there are far from enough women in leadership positions, however, what is promising is…

Gender Pay Gap

Equal Pay Day: Isn’t It Time Women Get Paid Fairly?

April 12 is Equal Pay Day, the date that symbolizes how far into the year women must work to earn…