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Window to the Front Line Solution Spectrum 1
Frontline Employees Initiative


Learn to advance your approach to creating and sustaining frontline work environments and work experiences that work for women.

Window to the Front Line: Solution Spectrum 3
Frontline Employees Initiative


Our research tells us that many employees find it hard to access growth and advancement opportunities on the front line.

Window to the Front Line: The Shift
Frontline Employees Initiative


Self-evaluate as you go through each practice and think about where you currently sit on the Solution Spectrum.

Frontline Employees Initiative

Executive Tool: Window to the Front Line

Ready to get started on your journey to healthier, happier frontline workers? Punch in and let’s go!

Frontline Employees Initiative


Use the checklist to think about how you are creating a positive workplace experience for women in frontline roles.

Window to the Front Line: Break Room
Frontline Employees Initiative


What gets measured gets done. Learn how to keep track of your efforts and their results.

Window to the Front Line: Solution Spectrum 2
Frontline Employees Initiative


Consider the many factors at play when creating a scheduling system that meets the needs of your frontline employees.

Window to the Front Line: Putting the Pieces Together
Frontline Employees Initiative


Take note of where your organization lies on each Solution Spectrum, within each section, and as a whole.

Window to the Front Line: Solution Spectrum 4
Frontline Employees Initiative


Frontline managers often they don’t receive training on the leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills that characterize great managers.


Stepping up for Equity in Sports: A Catalyst Awards Live Session

Former NBA player Jose Calderón speaks about gender equity and partnership at the 2023 Catalyst Awards.

business meeting featuring multiple people
Allyship and Advocacy

From Ally to Advocate: Knowledge Burst

Learn how to be an ally to an individual and an advocate to a group to the benefit of all.

ERG discussion landing page hero image
Employee Resource Groups

ERG Discussion Guides

The Catalyst Discussion Guides are tools organizations can leverage to facilitate open dialogues on various diversity, equity, and inclusion topics.

Frontline Employees Initiative

Enable Frontline Women at Your Company to Thrive, Stay, and Perform 

Catalyst is meeting the moment and broadening our focus to include women in frontline roles, so all women thrive.

Board Diversity

2022 Catalyst Accord Report

Catalyst Accord signatories see measurable success at their organizations, outperforming their peers in women's representation in corporate Canada.

Strengthen Your Empathy Skills Workshop

Understand the business case for empathy in this two-hour virtual instructor led training and be empowered with specific empathy strategies you can apply immediately, Connect across disruption by demonstrating empathy in the workplace and receive personalized feedback on your empathy skills.

Inclusive Communication Workshop

Demonstrate authentic communication across differences and develop tools to interrupt bias or discrimination through inclusive expression.

Unconscious Bias to Inclusive Leadership Workshop

Understand unconscious bias and its impact and become aware of and begin to address internal, interpersonal, and organizational biases.

Allyship Workshop

Define allyship and key related terms and identify opportunities and specific actions to turn the word ally into a verb. Reflect on and share personal experiences of allyship in action or situations when allyship was needed and not present.

Intersectionality Workshop

Providing the Leadership Skills You Need to Succeed in Uncertain Times In today’s economic climate, senior leaders are focused on…

Inclusive Communications

Microaggressions Workshop

Define microaggression and key related terms and probe pain points that prevent us from talking about and addressing microaggressions.