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DEI 101

Why DEI Matters: Knowledge Burst

Learn the benefits of DEI and start to build competencies to better manage diverse teams and grow your leadership skills.

Race, Ethnicity, and Culture

Race, Racism, and Canada: Knowledge Burst

Start your journey of learning about race and racism in Canada, and gain a foundation of knowledge to build on.

Organizational Culture Change

Amplify Your DEI Strategy With a Knowledge Burst

Learn about Knowledge Bursts, a powerful DEI e-learning tool exclusively focused on people managers, in this short overview.

Engaging Men

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Sponsorship and Mentoring

Leading With a Sponsorship Mindset: Knowledge Burst

Sponsorship not only accelerates women’s careers; it increases your skillset as an inclusive leader. Learn actions you can take today.

Future of Work

Leading With Empathy: Knowledge Burst

Learn about the importance of empathy as a future-of-work skill and put it into practice on your team.

Women and the Future of Work Workshops

Give your managers the skills to build an equitable, people-first culture to succeed in the future of work.

Organizational Culture Change

Apply for the Catalyst Award

Apply for the Catalyst Award for your organization's diversity and inclusion initiative.

Catalyst Honours

Catalyst Honours Champions

View all winners of the Catalyst Honours since its beginnings in 2010.

Race, Ethnicity, and Culture

Bystander Intervention – How to Interrupt Racial & Ethnic Microaggressions: Knowledge Burst

Learn to recognize microaggressions and opportunities to intervene as a bystander in the workplace. Available in French and Spanish.

Catalyst Honours 2021 sponsors

A huge thank you to these organizations for their support and for bringing us one step closer to an equitable…


MARC Momentum Archive

MARC Momentum explores workplace issues about men’s role in gender equity. View the archive of previous newsletters here.


MARC Leadership Learning Series

Engages leaders (Directors and above) in a series of facilitated virtual workshops and self-guided learning designed to deepen understanding, enhance…


MARC Foundations

Race, Ethnicity, and Culture

Overcoming Conversation Roadblocks: Knowledge Burst

Learn to identify and overcome common roadblocks to starting conversations across race, ethnicity, and gender. Available in French and Spanish.


MARC Leadership Learning Series

MARC Leadership Learning Series engages leaders (Directors and above) in a series of facilitated virtual workshops, interspersed with self-guided learning, designed to deepen understanding, enhance gender partnership and inclusive leadership skills, and promote advocacy for gender equity.

Race, Ethnicity, and Culture

So You Want to Learn About Race & Racism: Knowledge Burst

Learn more about race, racism, and systemic inequality in the US.


MARC Managers

This interactive virtual workshop enables managers and mid-level employees to reflect on their contribution to advancing equity and inclusion.


MARC Foundations

This online course provides employees of all levels with a compact introduction to MARC and the topic of gender partnership.


MARC Executive Dialogue

Executives will focus on enhancing their leadership credibility as they build organizational equity and inclusion.