Catalyst research is the foundation of all our solutions for creating equitable workplaces. We examine today’s work environments and employees’ experiences in them. We track representation of women in corporate leadership and determine the root causes of gender gaps. We use fact-based, scientific methods—including longitudinal panels and large-scale field studies—to explore barriers and measure success. Whether you’re looking for numbers, ideas, or solutions, Catalyst has what you need. It’s why Catalyst is the most-trusted resource for knowledge on gender and inclusive leadership in the business.



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Flip the Script

Flip the Script: Transgender in the Workplace

This infographic guides people on words and actions that can create a culture inclusive of transgender employees.

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Webinar Recording: Black Women and The Glass Cliff

Learn about the glass cliff and why organizations may offer high-level positions to Black women in times of turmoil.

Inclusive Communications

How to Talk About Diversity (Report)

Catalyst offers research-based messaging guidance for senior leaders talking about DEI.

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Webinar Recording: How to Apply for the 2025 Catalyst Award

Watch this recording to learn insights from our Award Chair, Jennifer Thorpe-Moscon, about the rigorous and worthwhile process and details for submitting an application.

Champions For Change

This CEO Community Is Keeping and Advancing Their Best Talent. Are You? (Report)

These 80+ CEOs are advancing pay equity and retaining women at all levels of their organizations. Learn how.

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Webinar Recording: Still Making the Case for DEI? Drop the Spreadsheet

Watch this webinar as we examine the diversity rationale and how through inclusion, it can strengthen any workplace culture.

Catalyst Award Winner

Zoetis: Awareness & Action Drive Impact: The Zoetis Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Journey (Practices)

Zoetis launched its Awareness & Action Drive Impact initiative in January 2020, when Kristin Peck became CEO.

Catalyst Award Winner

Sephora: Sephora DE&I Heart Journey

The year after Sephora debuted its 2019 manifesto, the North American prestige beauty retailer launched its Sephora DE&I Heart Journey.

Engaging Men

Why Your Company Needs Gender Partnership & How to Make It Happen: 5 Takeaways From the Catalyst Webinar (Infographic)

Your organization needs to engage in gender partnership, allowing men to contribute to creating safer, better workplaces.

Embedding DEI into Your Business Strategy: Key Insights from Industry Leaders (Infographic)

Learn how to foster an inclusive culture, embed DEI in business goals, and ensure sustainable impact.

Implicit Bias

How Leaders Can Challenge Implicit Bias (Infographic)

All leaders should recognize and tackle the subtle ways that implicit bias shapes everyday interactions as well as decision-making.

Implicit Bias

How Individuals Can Challenge Implicit Bias (Infographic)

Every person has the opportunity to recognize and tackle the subtle ways that implicit bias shapes everyday interactions as well as decision-making.

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Webinar Recording: DEI Efficacy: Preempting Pitfalls for Sustained Impact and Value

Watch this webinar as we discuss how teams can garner the support and tools they need to acknowledge and learn from missteps, own their impact, and plan for the unexpected.

Webinar Recording: When Do People Intervene?

Webinar Recording: Women on the Front Line: Enabling Them to Thrive, Stay, and Perform

Catalyst unveils new cutting-edge research, in partnership with Accenture.

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Webinar Recording: Prioritizing DEI Progress During Uncertain Times: Using Accountability to Drive Change

Watch the Hartford executives discuss and further explore their award-winning initiative, and the steps implemented to use accountability to move the needle in the DEI space.

Frontline Employees Initiative

Manager Tool: Moments That Matter

Empower frontline supervisors to build rewarding environments for women with 24 scenario-based learning cards and a collection of video and audio micro-learnings.

Google Stay and Thrive Case Study hero image of diverse people in a meeting
Recruitment and Retention

Google: Stay & Thrive (Practices)

Learn about Google's Retentions and Progression program, Stay and Thrive, as a means of creating more equitable workplaces.

Frontline Employees Initiative

Women on the Front Line: Enabling Them to Thrive, Stay, and Perform (Report)

Women working frontline roles in retail, hospitality, and manufacturing need workplaces that respect their health, well-being, and talent.

Gender Bias

Fact Checking the Barbie Speech (Infographic)

The Barbie film launched a huge conversation around feminism and the status of gender equity in the world today.