Remote Work

In an increasingly technology-focused world, and especially in this global health crisis, working from home is becoming not only convenient, but necessary. Learn about the benefits of remote work for individuals and for organizations as well as best practices and implementation strategies with these Catalyst resources.



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Video: Catalyst Spills the Tea on Lazy Girl Jobs

Enjoy the inaugural episode of Catalyst Spills the Tea, a video series where we spill the tea on the trend, "lazy girl jobs."

Flexible Work

Inclusive Hybrid Actions for Organizations and Managers (Tool)

The future of work is flexible work. Make sure your managers—and your organization as a whole—are ready.

Virtual Roundtable Recording: Reignite Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Through Inclusive Benefits and Policies

Watch this panel discussion centered on employee engagement and creating a sense of belonging in today’s work environment.

Virtual Roundtable: Reignite Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Through Inclusive Benefits and Policies

Join the Catalyst team as we host a panel discussion centered on employee engagement and creating a sense of belonging in today’s work environment. Together, we will explore non-traditional employee benefits and discuss the direct link between benefits and fostering an inclusive workplace culture.

Future of Work

Ask Catalyst Express: Inclusive Hybrid Workplaces (Curated List)

Learn how your organization can create an inclusive flexible and remote work culture with these resources from Catalyst and beyond.

Flexible Work

Flexible Work Arrangements: Ask Catalyst Express

Flexible work arrangments are a work-life effectiveness talent-management strategy critical for the future of work.

Leveraging Disruption for Equity

Learn how leaders and managers can leverage disruptions to reimagine and create equitable workplaces of the future.

Inclusive Leadership

Japan Virtual Event: What’s “Inclusive” for You?


Recruitment and Retention

Addressing the Great Resignation; Redefining the Workplace (Roundtable Recording)

During the pandemic, the world has experienced an array of changes that have directly impacted the way people work. Many…

Recruitment and Retention

Global Roundtable: Addressing the Great Resignation; Redefining the Workplace

Learn best practices on how to attract and retain talent during this turbulent time.

Future of Work

Creating an Inclusive Hybrid Workplace (Practices)

Learn how to create a hybrid work strategy that works for your company using real-world examples from these seven organizations.

Future of Work

Inclusion21 – December Edition

Join this free virtual event for case studies and panel discussions on Global D&I Strategies and more!

Flexible Work

The Great Work/Life Divide in the US (Report)

Our survey with CNBC in the US finds flexible and/or remote work is top request from employees.

Flexible Work

Employees Want to Make Work Permanently Flexible (Media Release)

A new survey shows employee preferences for returning to onsite work and insights on what is important to working parents.

Race, Ethnicity, and Culture

My Journey as an Afro-Latina During Covid (Blog Post)

Covid, racism, and burnout made me want a change. Here’s what I learned remote working in Costa Rica.


The Power of Empathy in a Crisis (Report)

Our research shows that in challenging times, empathy can be particularly essential. Learn how your organization can benefit from it.

Flexible Work

10 Models of Workplace Flexibility (Infographic)

This infographic illustrates 10 different workplace models and best practices for building a remote-first and flextime-first work culture.

Women & the Future of Work (Webinar Recording)

Listen to our panelists as they explore the benefits of flexible and remote work.

Flexible Work

Developing Inclusive and Flexible Teams (Webinar Recording)

Hear from our speakers how DSM has created effective tools and strategies to support flexible work arrangements.

Remote Work

Working Remotely: The Global Impact on Employee Experiences (Webinar Recording)

Gain insights from our latest report and hear from speakers who are planning for future workspaces.