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MARC programming and solutions enable real change and advocacy for you and your organization. Our research-based, experiential learning disrupts traditional DEI approaches to enhance gender partnership and accelerate the creation of inclusive workplaces.

Embrace Learning Through our Programming

The MARC suite of learning programs offers something for employees at all levels, including short online trainings that lay a foundation of understanding, immersive learning experiences for leaders, and everything in between. Before an organization can choose which path is the right one, it must assess where it stands on its DEI journey. Our broad range of approaches allows for different entry points. Find the program that’s best for you.

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MARC Executive Dialogue

This program focuses on interactive dialogue in which executives enhance their leadership skills and credibility as they develop organizational equity and inclusion.

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MARC Leaders Immersive

This immersive workshop enables leaders to engage in transformative learning and match their deepened personal commitment to enhance critical leadership skills.

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MARC Leadership Learning Series

In this series, participants engage in a series of facilitated virtual workshops interspersed with self-guided learning modules. Featured are insights from influential experts across disciplines, to deepen understanding and strengthen gender partnership.

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MARC Managers

This interactive online workshop creates space for managers and emerging leaders to reflect on the unique challenges and opportunities of integrating DEI into their daily realities as they navigate influencing leaders and team members and executing significant workloads. Managers engage in empathetic dialogue, explore practical approaches, and build critical skills.

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MARC Dialogue Teams

This series consists of a progressive curriculum centered on monthly small-team dialogues on a range of topics, anchored in principles of gender partnership and intersectionality. The program enables employees at all levels to practice inclusive team norms and communication as they unpack and develop skills to create positive cultures. Catalyst provides comprehensive off-the-shelf materials for the full two-year learning experience.

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MARC Foundations

This e-learning course—available for LMS integration—provides employees of all levels with a foundational introduction to MARC and the topic of gender partnership. Participants explore key concepts about men’s role in gender equity and workplace inclusion.

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“Attending a MARC Leaders Workshop affects leaders in different ways. For me, it was transformational. I always thought I was rather enlightened in my attitudes towards gender equity. Through MARC, I realized [… I] was only scratching the surface. I wasn’t getting it wrong; I just wasn’t getting it all. It is not enough just to say ‘I am for gender equity.’ To be an effective leader of a diverse workforce, I must make a deliberate, continuous effort to deeply understand the dynamics involved, engage in dialogue, and then act.”


— Giorgio Siracusa, Former Senior VP, Procter & Gamble
& Founder, Sirastrategy Advisors

Five Key Factors for Successful DEI Implementation

MARC programming inspires and empowers organizations—no matter where they are on their journey—to achieve DEI transformation. Through our research and trainings, we have identified these key factors to ensure success.

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    Assess Your Workplace Needs
    Know your starting point, identify your target audience, and ensure a strong (but not exclusive) representation of men. There’s no wrong place to start MARC.
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    Adopt a Shared Language
    Establish a common framework and vocabulary in order to learn to talk with one another—not at or past
    one another.
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    Foster Psychological Safety
    Create an environment of psychological safety that enables participants to share openly and honestly and build
    emotional connections.
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    Lead by Example
    Lead by example, set the tone, and fulfill your promises during your DEI journey.
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    Move From Learning to Action
    Translate learning into commitment. Translate commitment into practice. These fundamental factors lead to success.


Our client partnership team is here to help you and your organization take the first or next step towards effective gender partnership and equity advocacy. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to gender equity. We are here to help assess where you are, what your needs are, and where to go next.

For more information and questions regarding your journey with MARC programming, please email: [email protected]

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