Future of Work

With breakthrough technologies, social movements, globalization, polarizing politics, and the #MeToo movement, diverse and inclusive workplace cultures are more important than ever. Companies and leaders must ensure their organization uses all their diverse talent to remain innovative and competitive now—and in years to come. Policies and promises aren’t enough; there needs to be bold, meaningful action to create a future where women are just as successful as men.

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Gender Bias

Gendered Ageism: Trend Brief

Older workers face stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination in the workplace. Consequences of ageism affect women earlier than men and in…

Future of Work

The Future Is Here. Is Your Workplace Ready?

Policies and promises aren’t enough; there needs to be bold, meaningful action.

Future of Work

AI and Gender Bias: Trend Brief

Humans may be programming their own biases, including around gender and race, into the algorithms behind artificial intelligence.

Unconscious Bias

Artificial Intelligence: The New Frontier for Confronting Gender Bias

These tech startups are using AI to try to make gender bias in the workplace a thing of the past.…

Culture Change

More Women in Leadership: How, Why, and When

Why has it taken so long to diversify senior leadership?  Why is this an opportune moment to make change in…

Business Case

Infographic: The Ripple Effect: Educating Women Changes Lives

When girls and women are educated, they are able to contribute more to their families, businesses, and economy.

Business Case

Infographic: The Ripple Effect: Working Women Grow Economies

When women succeed, families, businesses, economies, and nations all succeed.

Future of Work


Catalyst Europe Consultant Dr. Isabelle Kürschner will host a meet-up about the future of work and diversity and inclusion. Read…

Future of Work

The Future of Work: Upcoming Trends in Workplace Inclusion

Hosted by United Airlines “With new technologies coming into the workplace, it’s critical teams are thinking about diversity and inclusion…

Future of Work

Five Tips for Future-Proofing Your Workplace

What are you doing to make sure your organization will be successful in the future?

Future of Work

Roundtable: Busting Myths and Bias in the Multigenerational Workplace

Join us for a roundtable that will bust generational myths and discuss how your organization can build engagement across generations…

Future of Work

Conversation with Catalyst CEO Lorraine Hariton on the Future of Work

Discover Catalyst President Lorraine Hariton's tips on how to lead with an inclusive approach to meet talent shortages.

Future of Work

Inside the 2019 Catalyst Awards: Highlights From the Day

What does the [email protected] look like for women? That’s what over 800 business leaders came to discuss at the 2019 Catalyst Awards…

Future of Work

Supporter Roundtable: What’s Next? Upcoming Trends in Workplace Inclusion – Toronto

Join this supporter roundtable for a discussion on the effect of future workplace trends and what organizations can do prepare…

Work-Life Effectiveness

Le futur du travail: le travail flexible

L’enjeu de la flexibilité des horaires dans les milieux de travail n’a jamais été aussi important. Nos organisations évoluent dans…


The [email protected] – Catalyst Canada Honours Conference 2019

Join us at the [email protected] - 2019 Catalyst Canada Honours Conference. Register Now!

Future of Work

2019 Catalyst Awards Dinner

Our annual event took place on March 14. Over 1,600 executives honored the 2019 Catalyst Award winners.

Future of Work

2019 Catalyst Awards Conference

The 2019 Catalyst Awards Conference was held on March 14. Participants learned from Catalyst experts, Catalyst Award winners, and others.…

Future of Work

CEO Activism: Trend Brief

CEOs and leaders are speaking out and taking action on social issues including race, gender, and immigration.

Top Resources

Generations-Demographic Trends in Population and Workforce: Quick Take

This Quick Take has revealing information about different generations in the workforce worldwide.