Future of Work

With breakthrough technologies, social movements, globalization, polarizing politics, and the #MeToo movement, diverse and inclusive workplace cultures are more important than ever. Companies and leaders must ensure their organization uses all their diverse talent to remain innovative and competitive now—and in years to come. Policies and promises aren’t enough; there needs to be bold, meaningful action to create a future where women are just as successful as men.



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Webinar Recording: How to Use Generative AI Free of Gender and Racial Bias

Learn about the landscape of AI and business strategy, including legislative regulations, common biases, and risks.

Future of Work

Episode 103: What Does Gen Z Want in a Workplace?

Remington Bennett, Content Writer and Producer at The Female Quotient talks about how a multi-generational workplace will shift workplace culture.

Employee Resource Groups

10 Powerful Quotes from enERGize 2024

Hear from 7 leaders who spoke at enERGize, a virtual employee resource group conference that upskills ERG leaders and drives organizational innovation.

Video: Catalyst Spills the Tea on Lazy Girl Jobs

Enjoy the inaugural episode of Catalyst Spills the Tea, a video series where we spill the tea on the trend, "lazy girl jobs."

Artificial Intelligence

Responsible Artificial Intelligence for Inclusive Workplaces: Explainer

This guide shows how to ensure that evolving AI business strategies are ethical and responsible and incorporate DEI principles.

Episode 101: Why The “Why” Matters

For this first episode of Breaking with Tradition, hosts Lucy, Victoria, and Erin sit down to set the stage and discuss both the Catalyst “why” and why it matters that we talk about it.

Episode 102: It’s Not All Doom & Gloom: State of DEI

Ruchika Tulshyan, expert, speaker and author on DEI and founder and CEO of Candour to discuss her predictions for our work this year and beyond.

Video: Dr. Claudia Goldin Talks Childcare and Greedy Jobs

Heather Foust-Cummings, Chief Research & Development Officer talks to lauded labor economist and 2023 winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, Dr. Claudia Goldin about her research and the significant impact childcare challenges have on women in the workplace.

Artificial Intelligence

Use AI to Attract a More Diverse Candidate Pool (Tool)

Using AI to create more equitable entry points opens the door to a much broader candidate pool.

Video: How to Navigate the EU Pay Transparency Directive

An expert panel of leaders talk about the challenges, pitfalls, and impact of the EU Pay Transparency Directive.

Gender Pay Gap

Unlock Equity for Women of Color: 5 Strategies from Google

The gender pay gap (the difference between the earnings for men and women) for women of color is a serious…

4 Ways Companies Can Improve Frontline Dynamics (E-book)

Turnover is a multibillion-dollar issue, and companies that don't clearly communicate or build the frontline employee value proposition are likely…

Virtual Roundtable: Present and Future of Women in SMEs

Join us for the “Present and Future of Women in SMEs” capstone event, a key initiative by the In Good Company project, generously funded by the RBC Foundation.

Women CEOs

Breaking Down Barriers for Women of Color

A conversation with Mellody Hobson, Co-CEO and President, Ariel Investments

Catalyst Awards

The 2024 Catalyst Awards: The Catalyst Effect in Action

On 12 March, over 2,000 people gathered in midtown Manhattan and online for the 2024 Catalyst Awards Conference and Dinner.

Inclusive Leadership

7 Things You Can Do for Women at Work, Including Yourself, This International Women’s Day

We invited four remarkable women to share how they are blazing a path towards a more equitable future of work.

Recruitment and Retention

CEO Activism (Trend Brief)

CEOs and leaders are speaking out and taking action on social issues including race, gender, and immigration.

Webinar Recording: Still Making the Case for DEI? Drop the Spreadsheet

Watch this webinar as we examine the diversity rationale and how through inclusion, it can strengthen any workplace culture.

Frontline Employees Initiative

Retaining Frontline Retail Talent: Focus on Caregivers, People from Marginalized Racial and Ethnic Groups, and Gen Z

As retailers enter the holiday crush, employees become even more vital to being able to deliver a positive customer experience…

Frontline Employees Initiative


Learn to advance your approach to creating and sustaining frontline work environments and work experiences that work for women.