Future of Work

With breakthrough technologies, social movements, globalization, polarizing politics, and the #MeToo movement, diverse and inclusive workplace cultures are more important than ever. Companies and leaders must ensure their organization uses all their diverse talent to remain innovative and competitive now—and in years to come. Policies and promises aren’t enough; there needs to be bold, meaningful action to create a future where women are just as successful as men.



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Leveraging Disruption for Equity

Learn how leaders and managers can leverage disruptions to reimagine and create equitable workplaces of the future.

Future of Work

The Risks of Performative Policies (Report)

This report is a wake-up call for CEOs as employers continue to face high turnover via the Great Resignation.

Catalyst Europe Summer 2022 Roundtable: The Great Reimagining — Wiedersehen in einer anderen (Arbeits-)welt

Nach über zwei Jahren virtueller Treffen ist es soweit – Catalyst Europe lädt ein zur „Woche des Wiedersehens“.

Future of Work

Catalyst Europe Summer 2022 Roundtable: What Is Top of Mind? (Italy)

This is an opportunity to share experiences, challenges, and practices from the past two years, in a safe space.

Inclusive Leadership

Japan Virtual Event: What’s “Inclusive” for You?


Gender Bias

Europe Roundtable: Equity and Inclusion in UK Companies – Making Work Work for Women

Join us for a collaborative discussion where we encourage Supporters to share their organisation’s experiences, insight and practices.

Future of Work

Highlights from the Sold-Out Catalyst Awards

Catalyst gathered leaders in person and virtually from around the globe to reimagine the workplace at our sold-out event.

LATAM Event Series: Women and The Future of Work [Chile]

Join Catalyst and Scotiabank as we discuss the future of work in ways that create better workplaces where everyone has…

Addressing the Great Resignation; Redefining the Workplace (Roundtable Recording)

Flexible Work

The Great Work/Life Divide in Canada (Report)

Catalyst-CNBC survey in Canada finds unfulfilled desire for flexible and/or remote work during the pandemic.

Future of Work

Three Inclusive Team Norms That Drive Success (Report)

Catalyst’s new research shows that only one-third of employees experience inclusive team dynamics. Learn how to create more inclusive teams.

Inclusive Communications

Only 31% of Employees Experience Inclusive Teams (Media Release)

Catalyst’s study found three specific inclusive team norms that boost success across a diverse set of populations and industries.

Organizational Culture Change

2022 Catalyst Award Winners (Media Release)

Boston Scientific, Enbridge, and Parexel honored for their commitment to improve gender representation across ranks and promote women to leadership.

60th Anniversary Letter from CEO Lorraine Hariton

Lorraine Hariton challenges corporate leaders to reimagine work in 2022 to make greater strides toward equity and inclusion.

Recruitment and Retention

Global Roundtable: Addressing the Great Resignation; Redefining the Workplace

Learn best practices on how to attract and retain talent during this turbulent time.

Future of Work

Creating an Inclusive Hybrid Workplace (Practices)

Learn how to create a hybrid work strategy that works for your company using real-world examples from these seven organizations.

Financial Times Women at the Top Americas Summit

How could a diverse workforce help to speed up recovery? How can women rise in the new world of work?

Future of Work

“Accept Discomfort, and Make Change”: Catalyst Honours 2021 (Blog Post)

Catalyst Honours gathered virtually nearly 1,000 leaders to share lessons learned and to look ahead towards a more equitable future.

Future of Work

Inclusion21 – December Edition

Join this free virtual event for case studies and panel discussions on Global D&I Strategies and more!

Flexible Work

The Great Work/Life Divide in the US (Report)

Our survey with CNBC in the US finds flexible and/or remote work is top request from employees.