The MARC Alumni community comprises MARC participants of all genders committed to continuing their learning journey, sharpening their advocacy skills, and connecting with one another.

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Being an advocate for greater equity and inclusion is a journey that never ends. The MARC Alumni programming provides opportunities for MARC participants to continue the conversation, gain additional insights, and become visible advocates.

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MARC Reconnect sessions are free monthly virtual convenings facilitated by the MARC team and exclusive to our MARC Alumni community. Through informal learning exchanges, attendees will expand their conversations with peers and colleagues across companies, industries, and regions globally. Based on Catalyst’s research and methodology, MARC Reconnect aims to advance your gender equity and inclusive leadership performance.

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“MARC and my initial introduction to the program has been very impactful both personally and professionally. The MARC alumni reconnect sessions are an excellent forum for continuing the learning and development that is required to make the type of lasting change that is desired. I find great value in having a space to engage with like-minded individuals and share our experiences.”

– Ahmad Muslim, P&G


“Participating in MARC Dialogue Teams left me with a sense of responsibility…to use my position of privilege to further the gender equity conversation throughout my daily life. As a white, cisgender, straight, able-bodied man in the U.S.A. energy industry, I feel I have an obligation to demonstrate gender partnership…so that other men of my similar identity can see that not only is there a healthier alternative to masculinity, but that there’s also a place for them in the broader diversity, equity, and inclusion conversation…”

– Alex C. Lambros, Engineer, Chevron


Take your journey to the next level and advocate publicly for gender equity and inclusion in your organization and beyond. Inspire others through storytelling by speaking and writing on MARC-related topics. This is a unique opportunity to flex your advocacy muscle and to raise your visibility via Catalyst and MARC media channels. If you are interested in becoming a MARC ambassador, please reach out using the link below.

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