MARC Managers

The interactive MARC Managers workshop engages managers and mid-level employees in candid dialogue about their unique role and contribution to advancing equity and inclusion.

Equipping Managers to create more inclusive work cultures

Catalyst research shows that over 45% of employees' experiences of inclusion are explained by their managers’ inclusive leadership behaviors. These experiences of inclusion drive team problem-solving, work engagement, intent to stay, and employee innovation. The MARC Managers program enables managers to contribute to positive workplace experiences that can drive these critical outcomes. The program is:

  • For 30 participants per workshop
  • Online or in person
  • 4hrs
To ensure that your managers remain committed to driving systemic change in a credible and authentic way and benefits from creating workplaces and cultures that are fair, equitable, and inclusive, please reach out to us for more information about pricing and availability.


Transform Awareness into Action

Participants will increase effective gender partnership, build skills to communicate more courageously and inclusively across gender and other forms of difference, and gain skills to enable and support a culture of inclusion where people of all genders can thrive.

Know How to Turn Their
Commitment Into Action
Will Continue to Use
What They Learned in the Workplace
Would Recommend
to Colleagues and Peers

“What was most impactful about the MARC Managers workshop? People sharing their own authentic experiences and being very open and transparent about the challenges they are facing and how they are working to improve. ”

—MARC Managers Attendee

Scale Learning for managers with our train the trainer program

Integrate MARC learning into your organizational DEI strategies by leveraging our expertise and your Alumns managers through our Train the Trainer Program and Global Site License. Enable them to deliver the MARC Managers workshop internally across your entire organization to create a more inclusive workplace for all. The MARC Managers Train the Trainer and Global Site License would include both MARC Alumns and DEI Advocates in your organization. The program:

  • Is available to 15 participants
  • Is offered virtually or in person
  • 8hrs
If you think your company could benefit from the long-term gains of a more inclusive workplace please reach out to us for more information about pricing and availability.


The Lasting Impact

In the one-day Train the Trainer session, a Catalyst expert facilitator will train your MARC Alumns leaders and other DEI advocates to deliver the MARC Managers workshop internally. This model keeps MARC Alumns engaged and personally committed to advancing DEI in the workplace, helps to integrate MARC learning into organizational DEI strategies, and allows the workshop to be tailored for regional and company context.

Are Confident That MARC Programs
Will Help Advance Workplace Initiatives
Of Men Who Feel More Heard Will Directly
Interrupt a Sexist Comment
Would Recommend to
Colleagues and Peers

“Managers are uniquely positioned not only to make men feel that their voices are welcome, but also contribute to a culture where people feel heard in the workplace. In a culture such as this, it’s much more likely that the next time a man hears a sexist comment about a women on another team, he’ll speak up.”

—Heather Foust-Cummings, PhD SAP Research, Catalyst


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