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Catalyst CEO Champions For Change

Women make up about 51% of the US population. They earn 60% of all master’s degrees and control or influence more than 70% of consumer spending in the United States. Yet only about 5% of CEOs in corporate America are women and only 26.5% of executives in the S&P 500. For women of color, the numbers are even more dismal. And in almost 10 years, women in senior roles in the United States increased 1%. Just one.

A passionate group of change agents, these CEOs are already leaders and champions of gender equality and inclusion. Now they are taking bold action, holding themselves publicly accountable for doing the right thing and inspiring all of us to do more.

Ilene H. Lang, Interim President & CEO, Catalyst

Catalyst CEO Champions For Change is a group of 50+ CEOs pledging to advance more women into all levels of leadership. We must accelerate change. Because progress for women is progress for everyone.

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