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Research is the foundation of all our solutions for creating equitable workplaces. Tracking representation of women in corporate leadership, we determine the root causes of gender gaps. We use evidence-based methods—including longitudinal panels and studies—to explore barriers, develop solutions, and measure success. Whether you’re looking for data, ideas, or solutions, we have what you need.

Research on Engaging Men

From our landmark research series Engaging Men in Gender Initiatives to our groundbreaking Interrupting Sexism series, MARC by Catalyst research provides data-backed insights and strategies for enhancing men's role in gender equity and inclusion. Our research reports and tools provide a path for accelerating progress through partnership, advocacy, and cultural transformation.

Organizational Culture Change

How Organizations Can Encourage Men to Interrupt Sexism (Report)

What can organizations do to help men become better partners in the struggle against workplace sexism?

Organizational Culture Change

How To Tackle Negative Workplace Climates Head-On: A Guide for Senior Leaders and Managers (Tool)

Learn to identify the symptoms of three negative organizational conditions found to impact men’s decisions not to interrupt sexism.

Engaging Men

Europe Catalyst Talks : Managers Matter!

Engaging Men

Engaging Men: Barriers and Gender Norms (Report)

For men to be effective advocates for change, we must understand gender norms and personal barriers that can undermine progress.


Engaging Men: The Journey Toward Equity (Report)

By engaging men in equity and inclusion conversations, organizations can create a sustaining culture that truly lives out those values.

Organizational Culture Change

Parexel: Leveraging Gender Partnership to Advance Women in Leadership (Practices)

Representation of women in senior leadership at Parexel increased across each job band level globally between 2014 and 2021.

Engaging Men

When Managers Are Open, Men Feel Heard and Interrupt Sexism (Report)

Managers are uniquely positioned to make men feel their voices are welcome and to contribute to a culture of openness.

Engaging Men

Men at Work: Questionnaire About Masculinity In the Workplace (Tool)

Answer these thought-provoking questions to become more aware of how expectations for men’s behavior affect you and your colleagues.



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