MARC Foundations

Participants of all genders will explore key concepts around men's role in gender equity and workplace inclusion, building their awareness of the crucial role men play.

Introducing Key Concepts To Advance Gender Equality

Through our research, we know that 86% of men say they are personally committed to interrupting sexist behaviors when they see them in the workplace, yet only 31% feel confident in their ability to do so. The MARC Foundations Program reflects on what actions can be taken by individuals and organizations to foster advocacy and advance equity and inclusion.
The program:

  • Is available to up to any number of participants
  • Is offered virtually
  • Is made up of three 30-minute sessions
If you think your company could benefit from the long-term gains of a more inclusive workplace, please reach out to us for more information about pricing and availability.


image of an asian man sitting in an office in front of a laptop, smiling at the screen. He is dressed in a dark blue suit and has a white collar shirt.

The Lasting Impact

Participants will increase effective gender partnership, build skills to communicate more courageously and inclusively across gender and other forms of difference, and gain skills to enable and support a culture of inclusion where people of all genders can thrive.

Are More Likely to Interrupt Sexist Action in the Workplace
Will Assist in Advancing Workplace Initiatives or Values
Would Recommend to Colleagues and Peers

“Chevron’s partnership with Catalyst MARC has created pathways for inclusivity, achievement, and growth for people of all genders across our workforce. Together, we’re creating workplaces that work for women today — and for generations to come.”

-Michael Wirth, CEO, Chevron


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