Research Series

Race, Ethnicity, and Culture

World of Voices

This series amplifies the voices of employees from marginalized racial, ethnic, and cultural groups; provides global business leaders with data-driven, intersectional insights; and helps organizations not only drive positive change but also illuminate a path forward for equity and inclusion.

Topic Overviews

Topic Overviews are a Supporter-only benefit of curated, introductory short research reports on selected D&I topics. These overviews help supporters…

Leveraging Disruption for Equity

Learn how leaders and managers can leverage disruptions to reimagine and create equitable workplaces of the future.

woman leader sitting at computer, surrounded by group of men and women looking at the computer monitor

Accelerating Inclusive Leadership

Catalyst's Accelerating Inclusive Leadership series of research dives into the elements of inclusive leadership at work.

Interrupting Sexism at Work

Explore conditions that encourage men to respond, or discourage them from doing so, when they witness sexism in the workplace.

Emotional Tax

Learn what Emotional Tax is and how it affects both employees of color and organizations in the US and Canada.

Break the Cycle

This suite of tools and infographic helps HR experts, managers, and senior leaders eliminate bias from talent management systems.

The Promise of Future Leadership: A Research Program on Highly Talented Employees in the Pipeline

2009 - 2015 Catalyst's longitudinal project, The Promise of Future Leadership: A Research Program on Highly Talented Employees in the…

Setting the Record Straight

Catalyst’s Setting the Record Straight series used hard evidence derived primarily from Catalyst Fortune 500 and Financial Post 500 Census data to debunk myths about women in corporate leadership.

Expanding Work-Life Perspectives: Talent Management in Asia

2012 Despite increased interest, the topic of work-life effectiveness in Asia has remained relatively under-explored in the research literature, especially…

Unwritten Rules

2008 - 2011 Advancing in business is often as much about learning and playing by the rules as it is…

People Working

Engaging Men in Gender Initiatives

This series offers evidence about the most effective ways to partner with men in ending gender inequalities at work.

Leaders in a Global Economy

2003 - 2008 Catalyst's research series Leaders in a Global Economy explored the unprecedented challenges that require companies to address the…

Women of Color in Professional Services

2007 - 2009 The Women of Color in Professional Services is a four-part research series investigating the experiences of women of…

Career Advancement in Corporate Canada: A Focus on Visible Minorities

2007 - 2009 Catalyst's research series Career Advancement in Corporate Canada: A Focus on Visible Minorities explores how visible minority women…

Women of Color in Corporate Management

1998 - 2004 This series of reports about women of color in corporate management. This research includes separate reports on…