Microlearning: Knowledge Bursts

Knowledge Bursts quickly upskill middle managers and turn inclusion into a sustainable business strategy. Each micro-tool is a short, interactive, research-based online training available anytime, anywhere.

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Gender, Race, and Ethnicity

Connecting Across Differences

Learn how to maximize innovation and collaboration on your team by mastering the skills necessary to connect across difference. Read…

Flexible Work

Beyond Remote – Flexibility is Key: Knowledge Burst

Go beyond remote work and embrace a flexible talent management strategy. Learn how to be inclusive of your entire team.…

Remote Work

Managing Your Remote Team Inclusively: Knowledge Burst

Learn how to maximize innovation, collaboration, and inclusion in a remote-work environment no matter where people are located.


Managing Affinity Bias: Knowledge Burst

Managers must learn to recognize the very human tendency to want to be around people who are just like them.…


Retaining Women in STEM: Knowledge Burst

This 10-minute microlearning teaches managers how to retain more women in STEM by giving inclusive feedback.

Sexual Harassment

Disrupting Sexism in the Workplace: Knowledge Burst

This 10-minute microlearning will teach you how to start a dialogue with your female colleagues after #MeToo. What is appropriate…


Running More Inclusive Meetings: Knowledge Burst

This 10-minute microlearning will teach you how to run a more productive, inclusive meeting and get better decision-making with less…

Sexual Harassment

Bystander Intervention – How You Can Stop Sexual Harassment at Work: Knowledge Burst

This 10-minute microlearning will teach you simple steps to safely intervene if you see sexual harassment happening at your workplace.…