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MARC by Catalyst

Men Advocating Real Change, or MARC, is a line of research and a multi-faceted suite of transformational programs designed to invite employees at all levels, of all genders to co-create an equitable workplace.

Culture Change Starts Here

Unlike traditional DEI trainings, MARC addresses the root causes of gender inequity. Supporter organizations can transform cultures with MARC programs that inspire and equip employees to take a collaborative approach to workplace gender equity.

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With offerings for all employees in your organization—from entry level to the C-suite and all points in between—our programs raise awareness, build skills, and facilitate learning breakthroughs and behavioral changes.

From AWARENESS to Action,
the Impact is Real


“What I always like to say when we’re talking about these programs is, ‘I’m sorry, and you’re welcome,’ to people who go through this journey with us. Because as soon as you start to really gain that awareness and you go along that pathway, you can’t stop seeing all of the things that perhaps you just didn’t notice before. So, I’m sorry, because now you’re seeing it everywhere. And then the acknowledgement that there is usually gratitude for that awakening.”

- Cristina Santos, Head of Inclusion and Diversity, Sanofi

The strategic approach to MARC’s programming is suited to either a top-down or bottom-up approach. Each organization can find the program and starting point that is best suited to their point in the DEI journey.

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Unlock the Power of Gender Partnership at Your Organization

Learn more about becoming a Catalyst Supporter and bring MARC to your organization. A Catalyst staff member will reach out to you within two business days.

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