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Do you represent a corporation, firm, or other organization seeking to build or enhance your diversity and inclusion initiatives? Become a Catalyst Supporter and gain access to an unparalleled global community of leaders and companies, cutting-edge solutions, and world-renowned research.

Through an array of actionable tools, real-life case studieswebinars on demandeventsdiscussion boards, and more, Catalyst provides employees of Supporter companies with insights, inspiration, and solutions on accelerating progress for women. Supporters make positive change and demonstrate to employees, investors, clients, and customers that they are dedicated to Catalyst’s mission.

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As a registered 501(c)(3) charity, Catalyst needs the support of organizations like yours that share our mission to accelerate progress for women through workplace inclusion. Not an organization? You can still support us as an individual.

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Contact Talya Gitin at [email protected] for more information.


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Supporter Contribution: Your company’s contribution allows Catalyst to produce cutting-edge research, toolsevents, and solutions that change workplaces and lives. Join us in developing inclusive leaders and organizations.

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Global Supporter Contribution: Expand your commitment by involving critical leaders and stakeholders across your geographies to collaborate with Catalyst. Regions: AustraliaCanadaEuropeIndiaJapanUnited States.
$50,000/$65,000 Expert Community Supporter: Catalyst Expert Community Supporters comprise premier Supporters and major donors, now more than 30 global business organizations committed to making change for women and other marginalized groups in their workplaces. This prestigious coalition convenes to achieve collective impact through collaboration and continuous learning. With guidance and support from Catalyst experts, members strengthen their organizational approaches to accelerate progress for all women.