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Create an ecosystem of action.

Say, Do, Learn - Supporter Needs, Assessment Tool, Tolls and Resources, Consultive Serves and SupportWe have over 60 years of unparalleled expertise and trusted thought leadership and provide innovative tools, products, events, webinars, and workshops—all based on original, intersectional research—to set up your company for success in attracting, retaining, and engaging talent. Our integrated approach ensures we:

  • Meet the needs of your organization, no matter your level of readiness and maturity.
  • ​Empower your employees to scale change​ by delivering the right information and tools.
  • Keep your organization accountable for progress by providing actionable, measurable accountability frameworks.
  • Help you navigate unprecedented moments through hands-on support.

Deepen your DEI knowledge.

Catalyst gives your whole organization the tools to speak confidently about and advocate for a wide array of diversity, equity, and inclusion topics.

Whether you are a people manager, ERG leader, HR practitioner, or are someone new to DEI, we have the research-based knowledge, training, and solutions to help you create inclusive, gender-equitable, antiracist organizations.

Recruit, retain, and advance women.

Want to transform your culture? Add on Men Advocating Real Change (MARC), a transformational gender partnership program, community, and suite of resources with proven results.

We know what it takes to retain women and who’s doing it well. We work with a select group of CEOs committed to gender equity, tracking their progress against industry standards and deconstructing what works.

Create a support system and get inspired by other DEI leaders.

DEI work can be challenging, but you are not alone. We see are here to help you navigate change through our resources.

Plus, you gain access to a tight-knit community dedicated to lifting each other up and creating lasting change. Start connecting and get inspired by our insights-packed virtual and hybrid conferences, webinars, and roundtables.

Be recognized among your peers.

We are data nerds who love to celebrate great work.

The Catalyst Award pushes the diversity, equity, and inclusion industry forward by recognizing organizations who have gender equity initiatives that show proven, measurable results.

In Canada, the Catalyst Honours award uplifts Canadian corporate leaders who are championing workplace inclusion for women+.


Empower your agents of change.


DEI Practitioners

We help build, improve, and measure your DEI programs and strategies​ within a shifting legal landscape, so you can improve your company culture and elevate your brand.

Chief Diversity Officers

We keep you abreast of trending topics and help you rally leadership and employees around business strategies where DEI is embedded, so you can accelerate change and maximize impact.

HR Leaders

Our research and tools help you develop and deliver on your plan to attract, retain, and upskill diverse talent at all levels—all while improving your organizational culture.

ERG Leaders

Enhance your DEI knowledge and achieve goals like elevating your ERG programming and company culture by learning.

Business Leaders

Drive business results through inclusive leadership that inspires followership, fosters innovation, increases productivity, and attracts potential employees.

Communications Professionals

Improve how you strategically communicate your organization’s DEI strategy as a business imperative and align key stakeholders to improve the overall brand reputation and culture.

Donation Tiers

Your donation gives every employee in your access access to exclusive tools, resources,
and programming. Plus, you gain additional access to our renowned workshops, speakers and educational materials.


Stay in the loop with up-to-date DEI news.


  • All employees have access to Catalyst knowledge and resources.
  • Regional Relationship Manager.


Amplify your impact across regions.


  • Includes all Single Region features +
  • A Relationship Manager in each region who delivers you just-in-time, relevant insights.
  • Single Sign-on (SSO).


Take your DEI commitment to the next level.


  • Includes all Global features +
  • Exclusive meetings dedicated to addressing pressing DEI issues and innovative solutions.
  • Access to specific programming and event tickets at no additional cost.
  • Early access to e-learning, training, and workshop pilots.


“Catalyst has been a trusted partner in our firm’s inclusive and intersectional work to eliminate systemic barriers for women in our workplace and in the communities we serve. Their cutting-edge research supports our work in advancing women into positions of leadership in the legal profession.” — Charlene Theodore Chief Inclusion Officer, McCarthy Tétrault

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Start accelerating your organization’s gender equity and DEI impact today. Get research-backed insights, training and resources to quickly upskill your workforce on DEI issues.


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Frequently asked questions.

What does being a ”Supporter” mean?
A Catalyst Supporter is an organization that donates to Catalyst and receives benefits such as Supporter-only trainings, insights, and outcomes-based tools.

Can I be a Supporter as an individual?
No. While access to our Supporter-only resources is exclusive to those in our corporate community, many Catalyst resources are freely available to the public, and we welcome individual donations to help further our mission.

How do I get involved in the MARC gender partnership initiative?
MARC or Men Advocating Real Change includes a suite of six learning programs available exclusively to Supporter companies for an additional fee. Our expert Relationship Managers and Implementation Partners will work with you to understand when your organization is ready for our interactive and robust suite of MARC programs and which MARC offerings are best suited to address your organization’s unique challenges and opportunities related to gender equity, inclusion, leadership, and engaging men.

We also provide many public gender partnership research reports, resources, insights, and events. Our major events, Catalyst Awards, Catalyst Honours, and enERGize always include gender partnership and allyship sessions.

Are you global?
Catalyst is supported by 450+ companies headquartered in the US, Canada, and Europe. Our global, intersectional research and cutting-edge solutions empower their global workforces to accelerate change around the world.

How do I know if my company is a Supporter?
You can verify your organization’s Supporter status in this database: