Implement DEI Transformation

marc programming leads the way

Our programs are designed to meet organizations wherever they are on their DEI journey. We know that each company’s path is distinctive and that there is no one right way to start. As you begin the steps toward implementing DEI transformation, we can provide you with tools and resources.

MARC Executive Dialogue

This program focuses on interactive dialogue in which executives enhance their leadership skills and credibility as they develop organizational equity and inclusion.

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MARC Leaders Immersive

This immersive workshop enables leaders to engage at a more emotional level and connect more deeply to equity and inclusion challenges to drive real change.

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MARC Leadership Learning Series

In this series, which features expert insights from the MARC Summit by Catalyst, participants engage in a series of facilitated virtual workshops interspersed with self-guided learning modules designed to deepen understanding and facilitate or strengthen gender partnership.

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MARC Managers

This interactive virtual workshop creates space for managers and emerging leaders to reflect on their unique positions in the organization. Managers explore practical approaches for influencing change and integrating DEI into their everyday work.

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MARC Dialogue Teams

This series consists of monthly gatherings to discuss a progression of topics, with a specific focus on engaging men and creating gender partnership. Catalyst provides an agenda and other supporting materials for each meeting.

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MARC Foundations

This e-learning module—available for LMS integration—provides employees of all levels with a foundational introduction to MARC and the topic of gender partnership. Participants will explore key concepts about men’s role in gender equity and workplace inclusion.

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