Implicit Bias

Implicit bias (also known as “unconscious bias”) exists in each person’s world view, affecting our behavior from the classroom to the workplace. We don’t necessarily feel it, but many of those around us do. As a result, implicit bias creates barriers to inclusion, performance, engagement, and, ultimately, innovation. And while we cannot completely rid ourselves of implicit bias, learning how to mitigate its impact is a skill that everyone can learn.



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Episode 102: It’s Not All Doom & Gloom: State of DEI

Ruchika Tulshyan, expert, speaker and author on DEI and founder and CEO of Candour to discuss her predictions for our work this year and beyond.

Recruitment and Retention

Make Equitable Hiring Decisions With Structured Interviews (Tool)

These recommendations on how to prepare for, and conduct, structured interviews may assist in reducing bias in recruitment.


Flip the Script: Gender Stereotypes in the Workplace-Men

Stop using common words and phrases that undermine men's ability to bring their whole authentic selves to work.

Gender Bias

The Double-Bind Dilemma for Women in Leadership (Infographic)

Gender stereotypes and the “think leader, think male” mindset create a no-win situation for women leaders. 

Race, Ethnicity, and Culture

Race & Ethnicity in the Workplace: Flip the Script (Infographic)

Use words that create inclusive environments where people feel both that they are valued and that they belong.

Gender Bias

Flip the Script: Gender Stereotypes in the Workplace – Women (Infographic)

Stop using these common words, which harm women's advancement opportunities, and focus on performance and outcomes instead.

Implicit Bias

How Leaders Can Challenge Implicit Bias (Infographic)

All leaders should recognize and tackle the subtle ways that implicit bias shapes everyday interactions as well as decision-making.

Implicit Bias

How Individuals Can Challenge Implicit Bias (Infographic)

Every person has the opportunity to recognize and tackle the subtle ways that implicit bias shapes everyday interactions as well as decision-making.

Frontline Employees Initiative

Manager Tool: Moments That Matter

Empower frontline supervisors to build rewarding environments for women with 24 scenario-based learning cards and a collection of video and audio micro-learnings.

Webinar: Neurodiversity at Work: Recognizing and Welcoming This Aspect of Identity for Women and Everyone

As diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) measures and programs become standard practice in the workplace, there is an employee population that continues to fall through the cracks: neurodivergent people.

Webinar: Leadership Accountability & Gender Partnership: Engaging Men to Increase Inclusion

Join us to gain valuable insights from Southwire’s journey with Catalyst’s Men Advocating Real Change (MARC) program and the evolution of their internal approach to DEI accountability and action.

Webinar: Looking Through a Latine Lens at Equity and Inclusion Initiatives for Women

Join us to learn the importance of attracting and advancing Latine women at your organization.

Active Allyship: Strengthening LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Your Company (Webinar)

How can companies move beyond inclusive-language practices and take more meaningful action to retain and attract LGBTQ+ employees?

Webinar: Intersectionality and Pay Equity for Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islanders

This webinar will address the pay disparities often experienced in the AAPI community, including how race, ethnicity, age, and other aspects of identity impact wage gaps.

Webinar: Driving the Catalyst Effect: Women Leaders Cultivating Workplace Equity 

At the end of this webinar, you will be galvanized to champion inclusion for women of all backgrounds.

SOLD OUT: Catalyst Conversation — Workplace Cultural Intelligence: Inclusion Through Dialogue

Join Catalyst and EY Switzerland for an in-person conversation about ways we can foster a culture of inclusion in our diverse and multicultural workplaces—because the last thing we want is to shy away from genuine conversations about the very things that make us unique!

Implicit Bias

What is Unconscious Bias? (Infographic)

We all have unconscious biases. Learn more about how they work and how you can overcome them.

Future of Work

Dow: Combatting Microaggressions Webinar Recording

Dow’s HR team and the Office of Inclusion, along with education technology company Mursion, created learning modules featuring virtual reality simulations for leaders, covering the topics of microaggressions and bias in performance evaluations.

Dow: Combatting Microaggressions and Reigniting Psychological Safety in the Workplace using Interactive, Experiential Learning (Practices)

Learn how virtual reality and interactive learning can enhance education and awareness of DEI topics.

Inclusive Communications

Microaggressions Workshop

Define microaggression and key related terms and probe pain points that prevent us from talking about and addressing microaggressions.