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MARC Dialogue Teams

MARC Dialogue Teams is a group-learning strategy designed to help build inclusive leadership skills and enhance workplace culture on a grassroots level.

Embarking on an ongoing progressive learning journey

The MARC Dialogue Teams program enables participants at all levels to practice empathy skills, engaging in dialogue across difference and advancing skills to support a climate of inclusion.

The program:

  • 2yr curriculum of 20 monthly sessions
  • Unlimited number of participants organized in teams of 7-10
  • Teams can convene online or in person
  • Regional or global site licenses available
To ensure that your organization remains committed to driving systemic change in a credible and authentic way and benefits from creating workplaces and cultures that are fair, equitable, and inclusive, please reach out to us for more information about pricing and availability.


Transform Awareness into Action

Participants will increase effective gender partnership, build skills to communicate more courageously and inclusively across gender and other forms of difference, and gain skills to enable and support a culture of inclusion where people of all genders can thrive.

Greater Awareness of Barriers That Prevent Engagement In Gender Initiatives
Know How To Turn
Their Commitment Into Action
Would Recommend To
Colleagues and Peers

“MARC Dialogue Teams have given people the tools and the courage to talk about subjects that just weren’t discussed before. It is a cultural change and we are having more talks about gender identity, race, age, etc. than we would ever have felt comfortable with before.”

—Barbara Burger, Former Vice President of Innovation and Former President of Chevron Technology Ventures, Chevron


Take your journey to the next level and advocate publicly for gender equity and inclusion in your organization and beyond. Inspire others through storytelling by speaking and writing on MARC-related topics. This is a unique opportunity to flex your advocacy muscle and to raise your visibility via Catalyst and MARC media channels. For more information on becoming a MARC ambassador, please click the link below.

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