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In an increasingly technology-focused world, and especially in this global health crisis, working from home is becoming not only convenient, but necessary. Learn about the benefits of remote work for individuals and for organizations as well as best practices and implementation strategies with these Catalyst resources.



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Future of Work

Enhancing Inclusive Employee Experiences: Scenario Planning for the Future of Work

Scenario planning is a helpful futurist methodology for leaders and organizations, especially during times of uncertainty.

Remote Work

Is Remote Work Overrated?

As the pandemic drags on, some question the future of remote work. They’re missing the big picture.


Catalyst Survey Reveals Optimism About Gender Equity But Skepticism on Company Commitment

A new Catalyst survey reveals that 7 in 10 working people believe workplaces will accelerate gender equity in the wake…

Engaging Men

Why Don’t Men Challenge Workplace Sexism?

Catalyst's Negin Sattari discusses new research on what impacts men’s decisions to interrupt sexism at work—and how that plays out…


Post-Covid: 5 Strategies for a Better Workplace (Infographic)

Catalyst’s report Covid-19: Women, Equity, and Inclusion in the Future of Work charts the course for a reimagined workplace—centered on…

How to Make Flex Work Part of the Company DNA

Creating sustainable, long-term culture change has never been more important. These 4 resources on flexible work can help.


Leading for Equity and Inclusion Workshops

Give your managers the skills they need to succeed in uncertain times.


6 Uplifting Stories of Pandemic Parenting

Yes, it’s challenging, but it can also bring some unexpected rewards.

Flexible Work

The Business Case for Flex Work: 6 Essential Resources

Catalyst research shows that flexible work arrangements can boost business performance and retain top talent.

Flexible Work

Beyond Remote – Flexibility is Key: Knowledge Burst

Go beyond remote work and embrace a flexible talent management strategy. Learn how to be inclusive of your entire team.…


How Men Can Show Up as Gender Partners During Covid-19

Forget old roles. Here are four ways men can be partners in gender equity.


Reexamining Gender Partnership at Work During Covid-19

Now is the time to make meaningful change. Catalyst’s Alix Pollack and Ludo Gabriele explain.

Flexible Work

4 Case Studies on Flexible Work Policies and Cultures

Learn from real-life examples of companies that created best-in-class flexible work practices.

Flexible Work

How to Make Flexible Work the Way of the Future

Three steps every manager needs to take.


Covid-19: What Mothers in Your Office Aren’t Telling You

While pandemic parenting poses challenges for men, it hits women much harder. Here is what employers need to know. Read…

Remote Work

Talking About Remote Work: 5 Terms You Need to Know

Remote work and flex work aren’t the same. Get up to speed on the new lexicon.

Remote Work

3 Essential Productivity Tips for Remote Workers

How to maximize your productivity while working remotely and flexibly.

Remote Work

6 Excellent Resources for Managers of Remote Teams

Grappling with how to implement efficient remote work policies and practices? These six resources for managers can help.   Read…

Remote Work

Managing Remote Teams Inclusively: Our Best Tips

Catalyst experts discuss tips and leading practices on managing remote teams and work inclusively.

Remote Work

I’ve Worked from Home for 12 Years. Here’s What I’ve Learned.

For employees being thrust into remote work for the first time, here are some tips.