MARC Leaders Immersive Workshop

The MARC Leaders Immersive is a workshop for directors to senior leaders that inspires and equips participants to engage in effective gender partnership and inclusive leadership.


Research shows that 96% of organizations make progress on DEI when men are involved, compared to only 30% when they are not involved.* With intention and safety, therefore, MARC invites men—alongside colleagues of all genders—into the conversation to drive inspiration, skill-building and collective accountability for driving positive systemic change. The MARC Leaders Immersive is:

  • For up to 45 participants
  • In person
  • 1.5 days
  • Available for Supporters to host as cross-company sessions
To ensure that your directors through to senior leaders remain committed to driving systemic change in a credible and authentic way and benefit from creating workplaces and cultures that are fair, equitable and inclusive, please reach out to us for more information about pricing and availability.


*Krentz, M., Wierzba O, Abouzahr, K., Garcia-Alonso, J. & Brooks Taplett, F. (October 10, 2017), Five ways men can improve gender diversity at work,, Boston Consulting Group.

Transform Awareness into Action

MARC Leaders is an immersive and interactive cross-company workshop for directors through senior executives that inspires participants to stand up for gender equity. Participants will increase effective gender partnership, build skills to communicate more courageously and inclusively across gender and other forms of difference, and gain tools to enable and support a culture of inclusion where people of all genders can thrive.

Turn Their
Commitment Into Action
Strengthened Their
Personal Commitment
Report to Better Understand Impact of Dominant Culture on Others at Work

“There is simply no substitute for sitting across from women in the MARC environment and listening to how they feel. Raw conversations, emotional, moving, and hearing about the struggles that they went through and are going through.”

—Al Monaco, Former CEO, Enbridge


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