Reimagining Leadership

Equity for Women, Equity for All

We can’t reimagine the workplace without reimagining leadership.

In today’s fast-changing workplace, inclusive leadership is more essential than ever before. Catalyst research demonstrates that inclusive leadership plays an important role in making employees feel valuable and included, which has a positive impact on team and organizational performance. We can all become better leaders by learning and continuously developing the traits of inclusive leadership. Catalyst shows how managers can improve their inclusive leadership skills and unlock engagement, innovation, and retention.

Events & Workshops

With Catalyst events and workshops, you can join our community and gain the leadership skills you need to succeed in uncertain times.

Unconscious Bias to Inclusive Leadership Workshop

Understand unconscious bias and its impact and become aware of and begin to address internal, interpersonal, and organizational biases.

Becoming an Inclusive Leader Workshop

Develop awareness of unconscious biases and their impact in the workplace and Identify strategies to become a more inclusive leader.


MARC Executive Dialogue

Executives will focus on enhancing their leadership credibility as they build organizational equity and inclusion.

Future of Work

Managing Diverse Teams Inclusively Workshop

Understand what limits trust and psychological safety on a team and reflect on your identity and its influence on experiences at work and acquire strategies and tools for building trust, psychological safety, and greater inclusion within your team.

Allyship Workshop

Define allyship and key related terms and identify opportunities and specific actions to turn the word ally into a verb. Reflect on and share personal experiences of allyship in action or situations when allyship was needed and not present.

Inclusive Communication Workshop

Demonstrate authentic communication across differences and develop tools to interrupt bias or discrimination through inclusive expression.

Engaging Men Hybrid

Real Change with MARC: Reimagining Gender Equity

September 14, 2022

This groundbreaking Catalyst event inspires men—and people of all genders—to work in partnership to create culture change toward greater equity.

This year, as Catalyst celebrates 60 years of progress for women in the workplace, we see unprecedented opportunities to create workplaces that work for all. We are reimagining leadership to be more humane, empathic, and inclusive. And each of us can lead. We can all have an impact on our workplace culture and the success of our organization.

Lorraine Hariton, President + CEO, Catalyst

Join us to make workplaces
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60 Years of Advancing Women

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