The Great Reimagining

Equity for Women, Equity for All




Hybrid and flexible work arrangements and empathy are central to an inclusive environment. Let’s reimagine the workplace with these components.


We can all become better leaders by continuously developing the traits of inclusive leadership to unlock engagement, innovation, and retention.


Gender equity, intersectionality, and gender partnership are the foundation of an inclusive workplace. Learn more and take action now.


We all must be accountable to DEI—through measurable results and the power of community. Through accountability, we can make meaningful change.

60 Years of Impact and Counting

What have we accomplished in six decades? Learn about Catalyst’s trailblazing history—from tackling gender bias years before the rise of second-wave feminism to helping Fortune 500 companies in their efforts to increase women’s representation. And now, in The Great Reimagining of work, discover how we’re taking on the next 60 years. Help us fund our mission. Donate to Catalyst today! 


This year, as Catalyst celebrates 60 years of progress for women in the workplace, we see unprecedented opportunities to create workplaces that work for all. We are reimagining leadership to be more humane, empathic, and inclusive. And each of us can lead. We can all have an impact on our workplace culture and the success of our organization.

Lorraine Hariton, President + CEO, Catalyst

Join us to make workplaces
that work for women.

60 Years of Advancing Women

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