Leading At All Levels

Opportunities to lead exist at every level of the organization, from ERG leaders to corporate board appointments. Everyone can connect, motivate, inspire, influence, and contribute to today’s most innovative workplaces. This archive is a collection of Catalyst’s work to Reimagine Leadership—part of our sixtieth anniversary campaign, The Great Reimagining: Equity for Women, Equity for All.



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Inclusive Leadership

Be Inclusive Every Day (Infographic)

Start being more inclusive with these easy, practical, intentional actions.

Career Advancement

3 Career Lessons from Melonie Parker, Chief Diversity Officer, Google

Hear Melonie Parker's insights from a storied career and a legacy of change in the world of work.

Inclusive Communications

Feedback in Flexible Workplaces: Flip the Script (Infographic)

Effective collaboration across locations, time zones, and schedules can’t happen without communicating inclusively. Learn how with this infographic.

Future of Work

Three Inclusive Team Norms That Drive Success (Report)

Catalyst research shows that only one-third of employees experience inclusive team dynamics. Learn how to create more inclusive teams.

Gender Partnership

Europe Catalyst Talks : Managers Matter!

Interrupting Sexism At Work is a Catalyst research initiative exploring organizational conditions that encourage or discourage men from intervening when they…

Sponsorship and Mentoring

Dear Senior Leaders, You Need to Sponsor More Women (Blog Post)

Catalyst COO Stacey Bain shares how to up your sponsorship game.

Inclusive Leadership

Prioritizing Equity at a Pivotal Moment: The Catalyst CEO Champions For Change (Report)

These 70+ CEOS led 11 million employees through one of the most tumultuous times in recent history.

Gender Partnership

When Managers Are Open, Men Feel Heard and Interrupt Sexism (Report)

Managers are uniquely positioned to make men feel their voices are welcome and to contribute to a culture of openness.

Employee Resource Groups

Catalyst Guide to Employee Resource Groups (Tool)

This comprehensive, Supporter-only toolkit contains all the resources you need to create and launch an ERG at your organization.

Race, Ethnicity, and Culture

Bystander Intervention – How to Interrupt Racial & Ethnic Microaggressions: Knowledge Burst

Learn to recognize microaggressions and opportunities to intervene as a bystander in the workplace. Available in French and Spanish.

Board Diversity

Missing Pieces Report: Board Diversity Census

This Missing Pieces Report, 6th edition highlights the progress to-date that has or has not been made in the equitable representation of women and minorities on corporate boards.

Inclusive Leadership

Inclusion Workshops

Give your managers the skills they need to succeed in uncertain times.

Managing Affinity Bias: Knowledge Burst

Managers must learn to recognize the very human tendency to want to be around people who are just like them. Available in French and Spanish.

Organizational Culture Change

Running More Inclusive Meetings: Knowledge Burst

This 10-minute microlearning will teach you how to run a more productive, inclusive meeting. Available in Spanish and French.

Sexual Harassment

Bystander Intervention – How You Can Stop Sexual Harassment at Work: Knowledge Burst

This 10-minute microlearning will teach you simple steps to safely intervene if you see sexual harassment happening at your workplace.