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We Are a Catalyst for Change

Understanding the World of Work

Knowledge is power. That’s why Research and Strategy Development has driven all that we do at Catalyst for more than 50 years. Whether it's measuring or diagnosing talent management gaps or identifying the best programs that organizations and business leaders can use to leverage top talent, Catalyst relies on fact-based, scientific methods and experience, as well as partnerships and collaborations, to find the answers. As a result, Catalyst is the most trusted resource for knowledge on gender, leadership, and inclusive leadership in the world. And it's why more than 800 supporting organizations rely on our comprehensive, on-the-ground knowledge of today's workplace to identify barriers and pioneer solutions. More…

Empowering Our Supporters to Lead

Catalyst provides a powerful array of services that enable supporting organizations to lead in their industries, both regionally and globally. Each of our services is supported by a rigorous foundation of research, as well as years of implementation expertise.

Consulting Services (CS) provides Supporters with trusted advice and actionable insights to build and sustain workplace inclusion. Our strategy experts serve as thought partners, drawing on all of Catalyst knowledge and working closely with clients to diagnose strengths and issues, raise awareness of key opportunities, and develop customized solutions that advance women and meet the organization’s goals.  Catalyst can provide the insights and tools to make change because we know what works and why.

Inclusive Leadership Learning Experiences include programs for individuals, businesses, and employee resource groups. Your organization’s competitiveness depends on its ability to create an inclusive workplace that fully leverages the talents of your diverse workforce. Learn about Catalyst's many learning pathways for developing inclusive leaders at all levels of your organization. 

MARC (Men Advocating Real Change) Leaders is an initiative that was designed to engage men as leaders in developing a more inclusive work culture. MARC Leaders empowers and challenges men to make change in the workplace by practicing four key inclusive leadership strategies: engaging others through dialogue; interrupting practices that inhibit inclusion; role-modeling and developing awareness; and building alliances. Participants apply these skills through the half-day to 1.5-day program while engaging in individual and group activities that support diversity and inclusion efforts in their organizations.

The Speakers Bureau provides articulate and authoritative experts from Catalyst's executive staff and the experts from our Research and Corporate Engagement groups. Drawing on our extensive knowledge and wealth of hands-on experience, these speakers regularly enlighten, inform, and inspire corporate, professional, and academic audiences across the globe.

Corporate Board Services (CBS) serves Catalyst supporter organizations and their executives as a leader in the movement to diversify the boardroom. CBS helps the most senior women within Catalyst supporter organizations determine their potential to serve on public company boards, and assists them in formulating appropriate strategies to gain visibility as well as entrée into the boardroom. CBS serves as a referral service, yet works closely with search firms, and many other organizations that conduct searches for board directors.

Vital Signs is available only to supporters. It is an approach to using workforce data and information to assess your diversity and inclusion “health” and drive change. With tools, insights, events, and opportunities to connect with others, we help you diagnose where your organization excels and where it is stuck, taking you behind the numbers, testing assumptions that get in the way, and deepening understanding, so that you can define appropriate goals and create sustainable change.

Ask Catalyst is a way to stay on top of trends and get support for those who wish to make change through knowledge. Our highly experienced team of trained librarians creates knowledge products and provides efficient and comprehensive responses to information requests from Catalyst Supporters, the media, and public-policy makers.

The Catalyst Government Affairs team collaborates with nonprofits, the private sector, and governments around the world to advance our mission and improve the lives of working women by influencing policy and advocating for change.