Window To the Front Line


Growth and Advancement

Growth and advancement can take many shapes in the frontline context. While some employees want to take on more responsibilities and be promoted to a manager role or up the corporate ladder, others may not, due to personal, family, or other factors. However, these employees may still appreciate opportunities to develop new skills and earn more with the knowledge that other opportunities are available to them if and when they decide they are ready.

Our research tells us that many employees find it hard to learn about and access growth and advancement opportunities on the front line. To address this issue, organizations and leaders need to create growth pathways that are appealing to employees in a wide range of life circumstances, identify which employees are interested in which pathway, establish clear processes for regularly communicating pathways and opportunities to the right employees, and ensure that employees across levels and functional areas are supported equally. When employees know they have opportunities to grow and advance in ways that align with their life needs, they feel that their skills and potential are valued.

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