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Turn diversity into a sustainable business advantage with Catalyst Consultants.

We offer three types of fee-for-service options to Catalyst Supporter organizations to help them create inclusive workplaces:


Expert advisement as you design your strategy and implementation.

  • Ongoing strategic thought partner— we will provide advice and insights, schedule regular check-ins, and help craft a framework for making key decisions during the change process.

  • Package of consulting hours— for specific projects, we will act as a sounding board, identifying critical success factors, sharing practices, and guiding you through key decision points to consider potential implications of the necessary choices you must make.

  • Hands-on guidance— using Catalyst’s diagnostic tools, such as our “Vital Signs” approach, to assess the health of your organization, which will allow us to assist in the analysis of workforce data through an inclusion lens. Our team can then help you translate your findings into actionable strategy.


One-on-one executive-level coaching sessions will equip Senior Executives, CEOs, CHROs, CDOs, etc. with the insights they need to become champions for inclusion and the advancement of women in their organizations.


Working together to create a diversity and inclusion strategy focusing on the areas of greatest leverage for increasing the representation of women among your leadership.

  • Concentrated strategy development: an innovative approach in a compressed period of time, leveraging your existing data and additional data, where necessary, to diagnose your “pain-points” and develop 3-4 areas of focus complete with initial action steps.

  • Action-planning modules to supplement Catalyst workshops will help you identify focused actions to effect culture change and/or strategy design. 

  • Strategy Deep Dive: Each year, we partner with a key Supporter organization for a strategic engagement to dig into priority topics (e.g. intersection of gender, race, and ethnicity; engaging men; etc.), leaving you with a clear sense of strategy, change drivers, and next steps. (The organization must commit to partner with Catalyst to publicize their learnings to fuel network learning opportunities and thought leadership.)

Areas of Expertise

► Accountability, Goals, and Metrics 

► Inclusive Leadership 

► Business Case Development and Change Rationale 

► Sponsorship and Mentoring Initiatives 

► Diagnostics and Strategy Development 


► Diversity and Inclusion Governance/Councils 

► Team Effectiveness and Performance

► Employee Resource Groups

► Talent Management Processes

► Gender, Race, Ethnicity

► Unconscious Bias

► Innovation 

► Work-Life Effectiveness/Flexibility



Our consultants leverage their backgrounds in law,

STEM, research, strategic planning, management 

consulting, and more.

In addition to these Catalyst consultants, we draw on subject matter experts from across our organization to provide the insights you need.
Vice President and Women of Color Practitioner, Consulting Services Vice President, Consulting Services
Senior Associate, Consulting Services
Afiya Lahens-Wallace
Associate, Consulting Services & Research


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