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Schneider Electric—Attracting and Retaining Women in Schneider Electric India

Inclusive. Flexible. Empowering. These were the top words used by employees across all levels at Schneider Electric India to describe the company’s culture. When we evaluated Attracting and Retaining Women in Schneider Electric India for the 2019 Catalyst Award, the commitment to provide equal opportunities to everyone and ensure all employees feel uniquely valued and safe to contribute their best was undeniable. Inclusion for everyone was the common theme, with a focus on developing processes and practices but also promoting individual behaviors that ensure the same chances of success and sense of belonging for women and men.

Beginning in 2014, Schneider Electric’s operations in India, led by Managing Director & Zone President Anil Chaudhry and his leadership team, realized the importance of inclusion as a business imperative and the need for the organization to create an environment that allows women to manage their unique life and work and supports their professional growth. This initiative is a holistic approach with a focus on the recruitment, professional development, and retention of women at all levels. As a role model for the global company, where women hold 42% of seats on the Board of Directors, Schneider Electric India’s regional initiative is integral to the organization’s diversity and inclusion transformation. 

Highlights of the initiative include: 

  • Robust recruiting and retention programs, including targeted campus hiring and outside sector recruitment, intentional recruiting and retention of people across the various dimensions of diversity, including disability and LGBTI. 
  • Efforts to re-engage women following a career break through programs such as Her Second Innings, which eases women professional’s transition back into the workforce. 
  • Men’s engagement and inclusion in all aspects of the initiative to encourage and support their participation as allies and champions.
  • Flexible work arrangements for all. Many employees shared stories with us about their ability to work remotely for extended periods with the support of their managers and colleagues to care for sick loved ones. Additionally, more fathers are taking parental leave. 

From 2015 to 2018, the impact of these concerted efforts has become increasingly palpable:  Women’s representation across all levels increased from 15.9% to 20.8%, despite an overall workforce shrinkage of 5%. Women’s voluntary attrition rate declined from 14.6% to 7.8%. Women’s representation in senior and top management positions increased from 6.7% to 9.4%.

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