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Virtual Roundtable Recording: Catalyst ERG Resources Overview

Watch an overview of our ERG resources and Q&A, where Catalyst experts address questions about ERGs and how we can best support you.

Flip the Script

Flip the Script: Transgender in the Workplace

This infographic guides people on words and actions that can create a culture inclusive of transgender employees.

Catalyst Conversation: Insights on Maximizing ERG Impact in Your Organization

In this session, we will unpack the success factors for ERGs and actionable take-aways from Catalyst Research on ERGs that span industries and global regions.

IWD 2024 Supporter-Only Toolkit

Access our Supporter-only toolkit for resources to help your organization celebrate International Women's Day and Women's History Month.

Virtual Roundtable: Catalyst ERG Resources Overview

Join us for an overview of our ERG resources and live Q&A, where you will have the chance to interact with Catalyst experts who will be on hand to address your questions about ERGs and how we can best support you.

Webinar Recording: DEI Efficacy: Preempting Pitfalls for Sustained Impact and Value

Watch this webinar as we discuss how teams can garner the support and tools they need to acknowledge and learn from missteps, own their impact, and plan for the unexpected.

Webinar Recording: When Do People Intervene?

Webinar Recording: Prioritizing DEI Progress During Uncertain Times: Using Accountability to Drive Change

Watch the Hartford executives discuss and further explore their award-winning initiative, and the steps implemented to use accountability to move the needle in the DEI space.

Frontline Employees Initiative


Learn to advance your approach to creating and sustaining frontline work environments and work experiences that work for women.

Frontline Employees Initiative


Our research tells us that many employees find it hard to access growth and advancement opportunities on the front line.

Frontline Employees Initiative


Self-evaluate as you go through each practice and think about where you currently sit on the Solution Spectrum.

Frontline Employees Initiative

Executive Tool: Window to the Front Line

Ready to get started on your journey to healthier, happier frontline workers? Punch in and let’s go!

Frontline Employees Initiative


Use the checklist to think about how you are creating a positive workplace experience for women in frontline roles.

Frontline Employees Initiative


What gets measured gets done. Learn how to keep track of your efforts and their results.

Frontline Employees Initiative


Consider the many factors at play when creating a scheduling system that meets the needs of your frontline employees.

Frontline Employees Initiative


Take note of where your organization lies on each Solution Spectrum, within each section, and as a whole.

Frontline Employees Initiative


Frontline managers often they don’t receive training on the leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills that characterize great managers.

Frontline Employees Initiative

Manager Tool: Moments That Matter

Empower frontline supervisors to build rewarding environments for women with 24 scenario-based learning cards and a collection of video and audio micro-learnings.

Recruitment and Retention

GOOGLE: Stay and Thrive (Practice)

Learn about Google's Retentions and Progression program, Stay and Thrive, as a means of creating more equitable workplaces.

Engaging Men

Webinar Recording: Gender Partnership: What, Why and How

Watch this webinar as we discuss what gender partnership looks like, why engaging men in gender partnership is important, and how to implement this strategy in your organization.