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Webinar Recording: Emotional Tax: A Focus on Asian Heritage

Researchers have found that unconscious bias directed toward women of color is detrimental to both employees and companies. More than…


Tool: CatalystX Discussion Facilitation Guide—Advancing Equity and Inclusion Through Gender Partnership


Newsletter: Measuring the Impact of MARC

Webinar Recording: What Encourages Men to Interrupt Sexism?

Everyday sexism exists in workplaces worldwide. Catalyst’s Interrupting Sexism research series sheds light on the important role organizations play. While…


Newsletter: Building Your Gender Advocacy To-Do List

Webinar Recording: A Reflection of the Impact of COVID – 19 on the Workplace

Learn ways that Catalyst has supported employees, lessons learned from corporations/industry leaders and things to anticipate as we enter the…

Emotional Tax

Tool: CatalystX Discussion Facilitation Guide—Facing Racism and Emotional Tax in the Workplace

This Supporter-Only post-course discussion facilitation guide is for organizations to drive home learnings from the CatalystX course, Facing Racism and…


Getting to Know MARC

MARC—Men Advocating Real Change—is a Catalyst initiative that inspires men to leverage their unique opportunity and responsibility to be advocates…

Webinar Recording: International Women’s Day

Listen to some of the most prominent and influential leaders in gender equality for a powerful conversation about “Choosing to…

Webinar Recording: How to Apply for the Catalyst Award 2022

Learn more as our Award Chair shares insights about the rigorous and worthwhile process and details for submitting an application.…

Webinar Recording: Intersectionality: Cultivating Workplaces That Work for All Women

Hear from our panel as they discuss Intersectionality and how social identities overlap with each other as well as other…

Webinar Recording: Engaging in Conversations on Race and Racism

Over the last year, various companies within corporate America have invested and contributed to advancing racial equity in the workplace.…


Covid-19 & Beyond: Don’t Lose Progress on Gender Equity During A Crisis (Topic Overview)

Review this checklist of actions organizations can take to keep the focus on gender equity during times of crisis. Read…

Webinar Recording: Building Your Network

Hear from panelists about how to expand your connections internally and externally to provide support to your own and your…

Gender, Race, and Ethnicity

So You Want to Learn about Race & Racism: Knowledge Burst

Learn more about race, racism, and systemic inequality in the US.

Catalyst Award Winner

RBC: Speak Up for Inclusion (Case Study)

RBC refreshed their five-year "Diversity and Inclusion Blueprint" with a decentralized organizational model and tone from the top.

Catalyst Award Winner

Barilla: An Italian Family-Owned Company’s Journey to Global Inclusion (Case Study)

Barilla took a PR crisis and used their learnings to create a comprehensive, global diversity and inclusion initiative.

Webinar Recording: The Balance of Sponsorship

Future of Work

Enhancing Inclusive Employee Experiences: Scenario Planning for the Future of Work

Scenario planning is a helpful futurist methodology for leaders and organizations, especially during times of uncertainty.

Webinar Recording: Accountability Matters