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WEBINAR: DEI Missteps: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Join this webinar as we discuss how teams can garner the support and tools, they need to acknowledge mistakes, learn…

WEBINAR: Think Global, Act Local

With organizations moving toward a more global DEI perspective, how will they strategize and implement locally? Join this webinar to…

WEBINAR: Gender Partnership: What, Why, and How

Join this webinar as we discuss what gender partnership looks like, why engaging men in gender partnership is important, and…

WEBINAR: Next Gen Technologists: Innovating with Latinx Women

A 2020 study found that while women overall comprise 28.8% of the US tech workforce, Latinas hold a mere 2%…

WEBINAR: Allyship in Action: How to Be a Workplace Advocate and Move Beyond Performative Support for LGBTQIA+ Colleagues

Join this webinar as we dive into the important role advocacy plays in creating more inclusivity for LGBTQIA+ team members.

WEBINAR: Ethnocultural Empathy: What Does It Mean for Asian and Pacific Island communities?

Join this webinar to hear how organizations can meet the needs of this culturally diverse group with a specific lens…

WEBINAR: Building a Culture of Inclusive Feedback

Join this webinar as we discuss ways to facilitate candid, constructive, and fair feedback, that encourages growth and understanding for…

WEBINAR: International Women’s Day

Join Catalyst as we recognize International Women's Day, celebrating women across all their intersecting identities.

Joint Catalyst & ExecuShe Panel Discussion: The Corporate Gender Power Gap

One in five top executives globally are women, but when it comes to decision-making power men hold nine times more…

WEBINAR: Allyship in the Workplace: Leadership Practices That Support Career Advancement for Black Women

According to Catalyst research, 89% of Black women say that they aspire to leadership positions in their workplace.

International Women’s Day 2023 Discussion Guide (Tool)

Download the International Women’s Day Discussion Guide to host conversations to accelerate progress for women through workplace inclusion.

Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day 2023 Toolkit (Tool)

This March, we’ll share a tapestry of individual stories, corporate accomplishments, and ambitious pursuits of equity from organizations across all…


Beginning a Measurement Process: A Tool for DEI Leaders (Tool)

Whether your organization is just starting its workforce measurement strategy or expanding it, this tool has the resources you need.

Canada Roundtable: Women in Science, Tech, Trades and Engineering (ERGs)

Please join us for a conversation with the teams from Nutrien’s WINTER (Women in Non-Traditional Environment and Roles) and Hydro…

WEBINAR: How to Apply for the 2024 Catalyst Award

Learn insights about the rigorous and worthwhile Catalyst Awards process and details for submitting an application.

Managing with a Sponsorship Mindset: Why Sponsorship Isn’t Enough

Mentoring is essential to leadership development—but mentorship alone is not enough to help women advance.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Councils (Topic Overview)

Learn how diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) councils help operationalize DEI efforts in an organization, from recruitment to product and…

WEBINAR: Managing with a Sponsorship Mindset: Why Mentorship Isn’t Enough

Mentoring is essential to leadership development—but mentorship alone is not enough to help women advance.

In-Person EMEA Roundtable: Upcoming DEI Trends and Putting Them Into Practice

In 2022 we challenged you to reimagine not just the workplace, but also leadership, equity and accountability. What will 2023…

Breaking Through Barriers: Effective Ways to Competently & Confidently Create Workplace Equity for All

Systemic changes are vital to creating real changes in workplace culture, but traditionally marginalized employees need fully engaged leadership on…