Organizational Culture Change

Changing your corporate culture requires strategy. You’ve got to assess where you are, define your strategy and goals, mobilize allies, hold leaders accountable, and track progress. It’s a process that won’t always go as you expect, and setbacks are inevitable. Learn how to create effective and sustainable change with our tools and resources.



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Inclusive Leadership

What’s Really Causing the DEI Backlash — And How to Fix It

Why do some people misunderstand diversity, equity, and inclusion and falsely assert that it leads to discrimination, exclusion, and indoctrination?

Virtual Roundtable: Mental Health at Work: From Awareness to Acceptance

This discussion aims to foster an environment of understanding and support, ensuring that every team member feels valued and heard.

Webinar Recording: How to Create a Respectful and Rewarding Frontline Experience–New Catalyst Data Shows How

At the end of this webinar recording, you will have a better understanding of the challenges faced by frontline employees and what it means to attract, retain, and support them. 

Frontline Employees Initiative

Half of Frontline Employees at Risk of Leaving: What You Can Do About It

Our data show that across the board, frontline employees are not thriving. Read our new e-book to change that.

Cross-Company Strategic Executive Session: Intentional Actions for Gender Equity

Join us on 25 June 2024 in London for an in-person, cross-company Executive Session, titled Intentional Actions for Gender Equity, co-hosted with Deloitte and Catalyst.

Organizational Culture Change

Multinational DEI Leaders Reveal How to Equalise Workplace Benefits

Five lessons about equality and inclusion in workplace benefits from top DEI leaders at global organizations.

Organizational Culture Change

Essity's Courageous Conversations Initiative (Practices)

By cultivating facilitators from within their organization, Essity has been able to have courageous conversations around many dimensions of diversity.


Video: Beyond Allyship, Stories of Impact from MARC Alumni

Catalyst's Julie Nugent with Karl Preissner of P&G and Gavin Kimmel of Chevron at the Catalyst Awards.

4 Ways Companies Can Improve Frontline Dynamics (E-book)

Turnover is a multibillion-dollar issue, and companies that don't clearly communicate or build the frontline employee value proposition are likely…

Catalyst Award Winner

Five Key Takeaways From the 2024 Catalyst Award-Winning Initiatives

This year’s winners, Sephora and Zoetis, shared five ways any company can accelerate their diversity, equity, and inclusion journey.

Catalyst Awards

The 2024 Catalyst Awards: The Catalyst Effect in Action

On 12 March, over 2,000 people gathered in midtown Manhattan and online for the 2024 Catalyst Awards Conference and Dinner.

Frontline Employees Initiative

Team Dynamics on the Front Line: How Managers and Organizations Impact This Overlooked Key to Retention

Businesses are losing billions of dollars by overlooking frontline employees. Improving team dynamics can help.

Inclusive Leadership

7 Things You Can Do for Women at Work, Including Yourself, This International Women’s Day

We invited four remarkable women to share how they are blazing a path towards a more equitable future of work.

DEI 101

Effective DEI Messaging: Understanding Employee Perspectives (Infographic)

Learn what employees want companies to emphasize when talking about diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Business Case

4-Step DEI Messaging Framework for HR and DEI Leaders

How to talk about your company's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Gender Bias

The Double-Bind Dilemma for Women in Leadership (Infographic)

Gender stereotypes and the “think leader, think male” mindset create a no-win situation for women leaders. 

IWD 2024 Supporter-Only Toolkit

Access our Supporter-only toolkit for resources to help your organization celebrate International Women's Day and Women's History Month.

DEI 101

5 Myths Debunked About Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) (Blog Post)

Concerned about the backlash against DEI? Confused about what's real and what's fake about DEI? Learn the myths and facts.

Webinar Recording: Still Making the Case for DEI? Drop the Spreadsheet

Watch this webinar as we examine the diversity rationale and how through inclusion, it can strengthen any workplace culture.

Catalyst Award Winner

Sephora and Zoetis Win Catalyst Award for 2024 (Media Release)

These 2024 Catalyst Award winners will be honored at our annual gender equity Conference and Dinner.