Women hold less than 25% of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Medicine) jobs in the United States. There is a substantial gap between men and women studying STEM in most parts of the world. Learn more about the gender gap in STEM with our resources.



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STEM: Ask Catalyst Express

Data and credible resources on how STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) organizations can attract, promote, recruit, and retain women.…

Top Resources

Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM): Quick Take

Data and sources for women in STEM industries in Australia, Canada, Europe, India, Japan, and the United States.

Talent Management Practices

Case Study: Enbridge Inc.—Diversity Dashboard

Learn how Enbridge Inc. is working to increase the representation of women across the company through accountability and transparency. Read…


Women in Healthcare: Quick Take

Women, especially women of color, are underrepresented among medical doctors.

Catalyst Award Winner

Medtronic: Igniting Women to Lead Through the Medtronic Women’s Network (Case Study)

Leveraging their powerful internal women's network, Medtronic is growing the women in their leadership across the organization.

Future of Work

How AI Reinforces Gender Stereotypes: Trend Brief

Artificial Intelligence is only as good as humans design it to be, and humans still have work to do. Read…


This Teenager Is Giving a Keynote at CCH Conference. Here's Why.

This year, Catalyst Canada Honours features a keynote by the 16-year-old founder of Smart Cane. Here she explains her view…

Future of Work

AI and Gender Bias: Trend Brief

Humans may be programming their own biases, including around gender and race, into the algorithms behind artificial intelligence.


How I Learned to Excel in a Male-Dominated Workplace

Sodexo's Melinda Gorgenyi details her rise to the top in the field of facilities management.


Retaining Women in STEM: Knowledge Burst

This 10-minute microlearning teaches managers how to retain more women in STEM by giving inclusive feedback.

Business Case

Women in Energy – Gas, Mining, and Oil: Quick Take

A statistical overview of women working in the male-dominated energy industry—including mining, gas, and oil—globally, in Canada, and in the…


Webinar Recording: Women in STEM

Listen to this webinar to hear women in the STEM as they share tips and strategies they used to get…


Society Needs Science—And Science Needs Women!

Take one 15-year-old student. Add her Chief Technology Officer (CTO) father to the mix. Ask them how we can help…


Webinar Recording: Women in STEM

Listen to this webinar recording to hear how STEM industries can recruit, retain, and develop high-potential employees.

Catalyst Award Winner

Case Study: Rockwell Automation—The Culture of Inclusion Journey

Catalyst Award Winner

Case Study: 3M – I’m in. Accelerating Women’s Leadership


Webinar Recording: Disrupt the STEM Default

Listen to this webinar to hear how tech-intensive companies can attract and retain high-potential talent from day one.


Closing The STEM Gender Gap

Catalyst has concrete, high-impact strategies for transforming male-dominated cultures to successfully attract, advance, and retain women.


Webinar Recording: Disrupt the Default for Women in STEM

This webinar shared how some have maneuvered through obstacles in STEM fields and found solutions for advancing their careers. Read…


Webinar Recording: India Webinar: Advancing Women in Tech-Intensive Industries

This webinar explored how tech-intensive companies can attract and retain high-potential women from day one—and hold onto them over time.…