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2013 Catalyst Census: Financial Post 500 Appendix 1—Methodology

The Catalyst Census reports were designed to establish accurate statistics and provide points of comparison with the goal of promoting women’s advancement and garnering attention for this issue.

The Census uses a research methodology that counts a population. This design differentiates Catalyst’s research from studies that use survey methodologies because it removes the need for a representative sample, thereby ensuring a precise picture of women’s status and progress.

Catalyst studies Financial Post 500 (FP500) companies as the population not only because these are the largest companies by revenue in Canada each year, but also because they are widely recognized as the most powerful and influential Canadian businesses.

Both public and private companies are asked to verify:

  • The total number of board directors.
  • The total number of women board directors.
  • The name, position, and gender of each board director as of June 18, 2013.

For this Census, 84.8% of non-public companies participated in the verification process.


How to cite this product: Mulligan-Ferry, Liz, Mark J. Bartkiewicz, Rachel Soares, Amrita Singh, and Imogene Winkleman, 2013 Catalyst Census: Financial Post 500 Women Board Directors Appendix 1Methodology. New York: Catalyst, 2014.