Women & The Future of Work

As many industries continue to grapple with implementing hybrid workplaces, Catalyst reinforces the importance of flexible work and provides best practices on how to implement it. This archive is a collection of Catalyst’s work on Women & The Future of Work—part of our 2023 campaign, Accelerating Equity on All Fronts.



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Future of Work

Creating an Inclusive Hybrid Workplace (Practices)

Learn how to create a hybrid work strategy that works for your company using real-world examples from these seven organizations.


The Power of Empathy in a Crisis (Report)

Our research shows that in challenging times, empathy can be particularly essential. Learn how your organization can benefit from it.

Women & the Future of Work (Webinar Recording)

Listen to our panelists as they explore the benefits of flexible and remote work.

Future of Work

Enhancing Inclusive Employee Experiences: Scenario Planning for the Future of Work (Tool)

Scenario planning is a helpful futurist methodology for leaders and organizations, especially during times of uncertainty.

Flexible Work

Beyond Remote – Flexibility is Key: Knowledge Burst

Go beyond remote work and embrace a flexible talent management strategy. Learn how to be inclusive of your entire team.


Generation Z, the Future Workforce (Trend Brief)

Learn about the future of work for Generation Z, AKA post-Millennials, iGeneration, Gen Edge, and the Sharing Generation.

Future of Work

Women and the Future of Work (Report)

Catalyst's new report on the future of work and women examines how to reimagine diversity and inclusion for the 21st century.

Artificial Intelligence

AI and Gender Bias (Trend Brief)

Humans may be programming their own biases, including around gender and race, into the algorithms behind artificial intelligence.