Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are voluntary, employee-led groups that foster a diverse, inclusive workplace aligned with organizational mission, values, goals, business practices, and objectives. Other benefits include the development of future leaders, increased employee engagement, and expanded marketplace reach.



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Employee Resource Groups

How to Maximize the Potential of Your ERGs

Dow Chemical’s Shruti Bahadur and Tiffany D. Torain share insights on maximizing your ERG's potential.

Virtual Roundtable Recording: Women’s Health in the Workplace: Menopause

Watch this roundtable to learn about the role of organizations in supporting those going through menopause.

Catalyst Award Winner

Five Key Takeaways From the 2024 Catalyst Award-Winning Initiatives

This year’s winners, Sephora and Zoetis, shared five ways any company can accelerate their diversity, equity, and inclusion journey.

Catalyst Conversations EMEA Employee Resource Groups in 2024: Drivers or Supporters of Inclusion Initiatives?

Join Catalyst and local Supporters in Amsterdam for an in-depth exploration of the role of Employee Resource Groups, Business Resource Groups and Networks (ERGs) in inclusion and diversity strategies.

Virtual Roundtable Recording: Catalyst ERG Resources Overview

Watch an overview of our ERG resources and Q&A, where Catalyst experts address questions about ERGs and how we can best support you.

Inclusive Communications

33 Ways to Address the Backlash Against Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Catalyst resources show you how to do DEI right—because DEI done right works.

Catalyst Conversation: Insights on Maximizing ERG Impact in Your Organization

In this session, we will unpack the success factors for ERGs and actionable take-aways from Catalyst Research on ERGs that span industries and global regions.

Catalyst Award Winner

Zoetis: Awareness & Action Drive Impact: The Zoetis Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Journey (Practices)

Zoetis launched its Awareness & Action Drive Impact initiative in January 2020, when Kristin Peck became CEO.

Virtual Roundtable: Catalyst ERG Resources Overview

Join us for an overview of our ERG resources and live Q&A, where you will have the chance to interact with Catalyst experts who will be on hand to address your questions about ERGs and how we can best support you.

2024 enERGize

enERGize by Catalyst is an online learning engagement designed to help corporate employee resource groups (ERGs) engage in effective partnership…

Webinar: Active Allyship: Strengthening LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Your Company

How can companies move beyond inclusive-language practices and take more meaningful action to retain and attract LGBTQ+ employees?

Employee Resource Groups

“ERGs Are the Heartbeat of Organizations”: 10 Takeaways From enERGize by Catalyst (Blog Post)

Intersectionality and allyship were crucial themes throughout the half-day ERG community event.

Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups: Best Practices (Tool)

We reviewed 36 Catalyst Award-winning initiatives spanning industries and global regions to bring you leading employee resource group best practices.

Employee Resource Groups

ERG Discussion Guides

The Catalyst Discussion Guides are tools organizations can leverage to facilitate open dialogues on various diversity, equity, and inclusion topics.

Catalyst Award Winner

How UPMC Won the 2023 Catalyst Award (Practices)

UPMC set a goal to advance women from marginalized races and ethnicities, especially into their executive workforce.

Canada Roundtable: Women in Science, Tech, Trades and Engineering (ERGs)

Please join us for a conversation with the teams from Nutrien’s WINTER (Women in Non-Traditional Environment and Roles) and Hydro One’s WTTE (Women in Tech, Trades and Engineering) to learn more about how they have evolved to ‘create meaningful change for women in trades, technology and engineering through a community of connection, support and advocacy.

enERGize ERG Event 

Employee Resource Group leaders, members, allies, and executive sponsors from various companies, industries, functions, and regions come together to explore how ERGs can maximize impact for their business and cultural goals.

Employee Resource Groups

4 Critical Lessons for Your Employee Resource Group (ERG) (Blog Post)

Catalyst’s virtual event series for ERG leaders, EnERGize Your Workforce, revealed some surprising insights.

Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs): Ask Catalyst Express

Data and resources for building beneficial and effective Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) for employees and their organizations.

Catalyst Europe Summer 2022 Roundtable Series: Evolving Employee Resource Groups (Amsterdam)

Join us for an informal roundtable discussion and networking breakfast themed around Evolving Employee Resource Groups.