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There is still plenty of time left this year to round out our Accelerating Equity On All Fronts So Women Thrive campaign.


Women + The
Future of Work

Flexible work is a key foundation of inclusive work cultures for Women and the Future of Work.
Catalyst resources are available to help your organization be as inclusive as possible, regardless of future crises and trends.


New! Frontline
Employees Initiative

Traditionally, Catalyst programs and research targeted people that worked in an office. We’re now broadening our focus to include frontline employees because different women have different needs—and they all deserve to thrive in the workplace.

Women’s History Month &
International Women’s Day 2024


In March, Catalyst and participating organizations will connect, inform, and inspire others with a month-long, interactive campaign for Women’s History Month. Don’t forget: March 8 is International Women’s Day, and Catalyst will announce our theme shortly. Save the date and get ready to learn and celebrate with us. Stay tuned for more details!

Research to Help Guide Your DEI Initiatives

Throughout the year, Catalyst publishes valuable research about improving organizational cultures, fostering inclusive and psychologically safe teams, overcoming personal and systemic biases, and much more. We uplift the voices and stories of employees at all levels and intersecting identities. And we develop actionable tools you can utilize at any stage of your personal or organizational DEI journey.

Women on the Front Line: How Companies Can Make a Difference


Women working frontline roles in retail, hospitality, and manufacturing need workplaces that respect their health, well-being, and talent. Learn about how women are being targeted, harassed, invalidated, and left to fend for themselves, and what your organization can do differently.


The Catalyst CEO Champions For Change Report

Each year, we gather data on the progress of our Catalyst CEO Champions For Change organizations and evaluate where they are in advancing women and especially women of color into leadership.


What’s Good for Business or the Right Thing to Do?

When your organization makes important decisions, are those decisions based on the bottom line or a moral one? Can you align them with both? This report will break down the case for diversity in business in light of recent US policy changes.

MARCH 2024

Women on the Front Line: Using Data to Create Positive Change for Women Frontline Workers

Information coming soon!

MARCH 2024

EMEA Women in the Workplace

Information coming soon!

JUNE 2024

6 Factors That Push DEI Policies From Superficial to Sincere

What separates organizations with performative DEI efforts from those that have authentic DEI efforts? Follow our roadmap of actions your organization can take to make meaningful change.

MARC by Catalyst Logo

Become a Gender Partner with the MARC (Men Advocating Real Change) Suite of Programs

MARC is a Catalyst initiative that creates space for men to become allies and gender partners for women and others. MARC inspires and equips men to advocate for equity and model inclusive behaviors for other men to accelerate progress toward more inclusive workplaces.

Book your MARC programs with a signed contract by December 15 to lock in the current rate! Don’t wait! Choose at and email [email protected] today!

Catalyst Inclusive Workshops

Create More Inclusive Teams and Workplaces With Catalyst’s Inclusion Workshops

Catalyst's Inclusion workshops help leaders develop leadership behaviors that can make team members feel valued and safe enough to do their most innovative work. Employees at all levels can enhance their leadership skills and contribute to more equitable workplace cultures.

Contact [email protected] to engage in this highly interactive and robust programming.

Webinars: Relevent Issues and Hot Topics

Stay up to date on relevant issues and hot topics and hear from industry-leading professionals and DEI thought leaders with our timely and insightful webinars. Attend live to ask questions and engage in dynamic conversations or watch recordings to learn at your convenience. Catalyst webinars are complimentary for employees of Catalyst Supporter organizations; employees of non-Supporter organizations can attend for a fee.

Events: Gather With Our Community

Catalyst offers many opportunities for you to connect with our robust community of DEI practitioners and learn from leaders in diverse industries around the world. From our signature conferences and celebrations to intimate roundtables and virtual convenings, you’ll discover real-world strategies, authentic dialogues, and research-backed actions you can take to create workplaces that work for women and everyone.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Increase your company’s visibility in the corporate DEI community by sponsoring Catalyst events.

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Join hundreds of organizations to accelerate progress for women and workplaces that work for women.

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