Inclusive Leadership

Research shows that inclusive leadership plays an important role in making employees feel valuable and included, which has a positive impact on team and organizational performance. We can all become better leaders by learning and continuously developing the traits of inclusive leadership.



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Inclusive Leadership

Japan Virtual Event: What’s “Inclusive” for You?



Resources for Talking Across Differences

Learn how to encourage different perspectives, and help your colleagues feel heard and valued.

Inclusive Leadership

DEI Is a Global Challenge—But Solutions Are Local

DEI solutions are as diverse as the organizations that deploy them. Catalyst’s CEO explores ways to begin.


Catalyst Elevates Empathy as Business Skill This IWD

Catalyst elevates empathy as vital business skill for International Women’s Day 2022, reimagining the CEO title as Chief Empathy Officer.

Addressing the Great Resignation; Redefining the Workplace (Roundtable Recording)

Inclusive Communications

Only 31% of Employees Experience Inclusive Teams (Media Release)

Catalyst’s study found three specific inclusive team norms that boost success across a diverse set of populations and industries.

Organizational Culture Change

How Enbridge Won the Catalyst Award

Since launching their Catalyst Award-winning initiative, Enbridge has already exceeded their 2022 goal of 30% women in manager-and-above positions.

Organizational Culture Change

How Boston Scientific Won the Catalyst Award

Between 2017 and 2020, women in executive leadership roles at global organization Boston Scientific increased from 12.5% to 26.7%.

Managing With a Sponsorship Mindset: Why Mentorship Isn’t Enough

Catalyst research can support managers in adopting a sponsorship mindset to develop and grow a thriving team.

Managing With a Sponsorship Mindset: Why Mentorship Isn’t Enough

Catalyst research can support managers in adopting a sponsorship mindset to develop and grow a thriving team.

Breaking Through Barriers: Effective Ways to Competently & Confidently Create Workplace Equity for All

Traditionally marginalized employees need fully engaged leadership on their side. Learn strategies from workplace experts on how to engage others.

Inclusive Leadership

Prioritizing Equity at a Pivotal Moment: The Catalyst CEO Champions For Change (Report)

These 70+ CEOS led 11 million employees through one of the most tumultuous times in recent history.

Inclusive Leadership

Catalyst CEO Champions For Change Advance Women (Media Release)

Catalyst CEO Champions For Change doubled down on DEI in the midst of a global pandemic and turbulent economy.

Recruitment and Retention

Global Roundtable: Addressing the Great Resignation; Redefining the Workplace

Learn best practices on how to attract and retain talent during this turbulent time.

Organizational Culture Change

LinkedIn Live: Prioritizing Workplace Equity Now

Join Hariton and Advaithi to hear about how organizations can prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

Engaging Men

When Managers Are Open, Men Feel Heard and Interrupt Sexism (Report)

Managers are uniquely positioned to make men feel their voices are welcome and to contribute to a culture of openness.


Are You an Empathic Leader? (Quiz)

Identify your strengths as well as your areas of opportunity as a leader to build and flex your empathy skills.

Financial Times Women at the Top Americas Summit

How could a diverse workforce help to speed up recovery? How can women rise in the new world of work?

Germany Roundtable: Diversity & Inclusion: Wie kann Fortschritt im globalen Kontext gemessen werden?

Was bewirken Diversity & Inclusion Initiativen im Unternehmen? Sind Erfolge tatsächlich messbar? Und was bedeutet das für globale Arbeitgeber, die…

Inclusive Leadership

Getting Real About Inclusive Leadership – Sweden (Report)

A survey of employees of large Swedish corporations finds fewer than half reported having positive experiences of inclusion at work.