Inclusive Leadership

Research shows that inclusive leadership plays an important role in making employees feel valuable and included, which has a positive impact on team and organizational performance. We can all become better leaders by learning and continuously developing the traits of inclusive leadership.



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Race, Ethnicity, and Culture

Senior Leaders Must Step Up to Combat Racism (Media Release)

Catalyst research shows that half of women from marginalized racial and ethnic groups have experienced racism at work.

Race, Ethnicity, and Culture

Antiracist Leaders Must Do More (Report)

New data reveal the intersectional experiences of racism that women from marginalized racial and ethnic groups face at work

Race, Ethnicity, and Culture

Career Pathways for People From Marginalized Groups (Practices)

How Uber and Ulta Beauty create equitable career opportunities for people from marginalized groups in their organizations.

Inclusive Leadership

How to Support Employees in Times of Crisis

What’s happening in the world affects how we show up in the workplace. Catalyst has resources to help.

International Women’s Day 2023 Discussion Guide (Tool)

Receive guidance on hosting conversations in your workplace for International Women's Day 2023 by downloading Catalyst's Supporter-exclusive discussion guide.

Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day 2023 Toolkit (Tool)

Learn how your company can participate in Women's History Month and International Women's Day 2023 by downloading Catalyst's Supporter-exclusive toolkit.

Joint Catalyst & ExecuShe Panel Discussion: The Corporate Gender Power Gap

One in five top executives globally are women, but when it comes to decision-making power men hold nine times more…

Catalyst Award Winner

How UPMC Won the 2023 Catalyst Award (Practices)

UPMC set a goal to advance women from marginalized races and ethnicities, especially into their executive workforce.

Catalyst Award Winner

How The Hartford Won the 2023 Catalyst Award (Practices)

The Hartford has created a sustainable DEI culture, implementing accountability measures, addressing unconscious bias, and revising other processes and systems

CEO Champions For Change Advance Equity (Media Release)

Report shows Champions For Change companies outpace peers on representation and tracking pay equity.

WEBINAR: DEI Missteps: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Join this webinar as we discuss how teams can garner the support and tools, they need to acknowledge mistakes, learn…

WEBINAR: Think Global, Act Local

With organizations moving toward a more global DEI perspective, how will they strategize and implement locally? Join this webinar to…

WEBINAR: Allyship in Action: How to Be a Workplace Advocate and Move Beyond Performative Support for LGBTQIA+ Colleagues

Join this webinar as we dive into the important role advocacy plays in creating more inclusivity for LGBTQIA+ team members.

WEBINAR: Ethnocultural Empathy: What Does It Mean for Asian and Pacific Island communities?

Join this webinar to hear how organizations can meet the needs of this culturally diverse group with a specific lens…

WEBINAR: Building a Culture of Inclusive Feedback

Join this webinar as we discuss ways to facilitate candid, constructive, and fair feedback, that encourages growth and understanding for…

Breaking Through Barriers: Effective Ways to Competently & Confidently Create Workplace Equity for All

Systemic changes are vital to creating real changes in workplace culture, but traditionally marginalized employees need fully engaged leadership on…


How the 2022 Iran Uprising Affects Your Employees — And How You Can Support Them (Blog Post)

Two Catalyst staff members of Iranian descent call on leaders to support employees during this unique moment.

Two Out of Three Women Say Their Manager Is Not Adaptable (Media Release)

New Catalyst research shows that leader adaptability is key to retaining employees amid changing work landscape and uncertainty.

Future of Work

Adapt or Fail: How Managers Can Enable Everyone to Thrive at Work (Report)

Learn about a must-have leadership skill that can future-proof your organization and advance gender and racial equity.

In-Person EMEA Roundtable: Upcoming DEI Trends and Putting Them Into Practice

In 2022 we challenged you to reimagine not just the workplace, but also leadership, equity and accountability. What will 2023…