Manager Tool: Moments That Matter

Reference Guide for Frontline Supervisors

Moments that matter can pop up without much advance notice. We often stumble into these moments and are caught off-guard when we may lack the skills and experience to make the most of them. Perhaps the defining characteristic of a good leader is what we choose to do in those moments of stumbling. Do we recognize that moment as an opportunity to learn, grow and try?

The Moments That Matter toolkit prepares frontline managers for exactly that—moments that matter—to help build rewarding and respectful environments for women in frontline roles. Available in a variety of formats, from quick-reference printable cards to skill-builder videos, this toolkit includes common scenarios and provides advice on how to recognize the issues—and how to respond. Short-form, engaging content grounded in the realities of a frontline supervisors’ day-to-day is curated across a collection of video and audio micro-learnings. Additionally, 24 scenario-based learning cards provide insights, tips, and recommended actions that build confidence and capability to navigate sticky topics, build connection, and contribute to create a positive workplace culture as a direct frontline leader.

These cards won’t prevent stumbles, mistakes, insecurity, or fears. But they will help frontline managers feel more prepared, more confident, and better equipped to face the moment and come through on the other side better for it. And those around the frontline manager will feel it too.

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