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Globally, the corporate landscape is shifting with more people across different racial, ethnic, and cultural groups interacting in the workplace. Projections indicate that Latina, Asian, and African American women will make up 53% of the United States female population by 2050,1 and, similarly, visible minority women are expected to comprise 31% of females in Canada by 2031.2 With representation in over 90 countries,3 indigenous women are also part of the shifting demographic landscape. Yet scholarly research indicates that Latina, Asian, and African American women are least likely to benefit from corporate initiatives to close gender gaps.4 5 Organizations that find ways to include all available talent not only enhance opportunities for their talent, but also maximize their own potential for growth and innovation.

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Quick Takes

Catalyst Is Creating Solutions For You

Creating inclusion across gender, race, and ethnicity requires solutions that challenge thinking and inspire action. Catalyst helps organizations build solutions attuned to current realities, that remedy inequities and create inclusive work climates where people across gender, race, and ethnicity can thrive and succeed. We invite you to join the conversation by sharing your ideas here.

Catalyst’s Research Collective

Catalyst values the opportunity to partner with, brainstorm with, and learn from you! Our longitudinal study of gender, race, and ethnicity in the workplace tracks a large group of survey respondents called the Research Collective. Individuals who become part of the Research Collective provide first-hand insights into the challenges and opportunities related to achieving inclusion for women and men of racial and ethnic backgrounds including Asian, Black, Latinx, Indigenous, ethnic minority, multiethnic, and visible minority. Members of the Research Collective will receive occasional invitations to participate in Catalyst surveys. All participant data will be kept strictly confidential, and no personally identifying information will be included in any report.

Contact Jennifer Thorpe-Moscon, PhD, or Dnika J. Travis, PhD, for more information.

Consulting Services

Catalyst’s Consulting Services is well versed in issues pertaining to inclusion across gender, race, and ethnicity in the workplace. We provide our clients with expertise derived from Catalyst’s knowledge base and our Consulting team's 20-plus year history of successful change initiatives. Our engagements are tailored to meet the needs of individual clients. Among other topics, we can support program development aimed at strengthening relationships between racially/ethnically diverse women and their managers; grooming women in the pipeline to leadership positions; increased commitment of managers to development of racially/ethnically diverse women; and engagement of senior leaders in supporting/sponsoring the career development of high-potential racially/ethnically diverse women. Catalyst Consulting Services also offers half-day workshops on topics germane to inclusion across gender, race, and ethnicity, on unconscious bias, building a business case for diversity and inclusion, and developing a diversity and inclusion strategy for sustainable cultural change.

Contact Katherine Giscombe, PhD, for more information.