Advancing Women

Promoting equal career access for women is a group effort. 

There is still much yet to be done for Advancing Women in the workplace.

Organizations must continue to recruit, retain, and advance women, including women from marginalized groups, at every level. Catalyst provides cutting-edge convenings and resources so that leaders and organizations can evolve their practices, policies, and measurement strategies to achieve greater representation and equity for all. 

Advancing Women

Recruit, retain, and advance women, including those from marginalized groups, at every level with Catalyst’s cutting-edge convenings and resources.

DEI 101

Women’s Earnings: The Pay Gap (Quick Take)

A statistical overview of the global gender pay gap, including data from Canada, Europe, and the United States.

Gender Pay Gap

The Gender Pay Gap: Ask Catalyst Express

Data on the gender pay gap and the global challenges created by issues surrounding pay equity and pay parity.

Engaging Men

Gender Partnership: What, Why, How (Tool)

This tool explains what gender partnership is, why it's important for people of all genders, and how to implement this strategy.


Actions Individuals Can Take to Become Advocates for Gender Equity (Infographic)

Anyone can be an advocate for gender equity. Advocacy involves humble listening, learning from one another, reflecting, and exerting effort.

DEI 101

Women in Management (Quick Take)

Statistical overview of women in senior management and leadership positions around the world.

Race, Ethnicity, and Culture

Exposé of Women’s Workplace Experiences Challenges Antiracist Leaders to Step Up (Report)

New data reveal the intersectional experiences of racism that women from marginalized racial and ethnic groups face at work.

Champions For Change

Aligning Actions to Values: The Catalyst CEO Champions For Change (Report)

Champion companies continue to outpace their peers in women’s representation at the executive and senior manager levels.

Future of Work

Three Inclusive Team Norms That Drive Success (Report)

Catalyst research shows that only one-third of employees experience inclusive team dynamics. Learn how to create more inclusive teams.

For DEI Innovators & Pioneers: 2023 Catalyst Awards

The 2023 Catalyst Awards Conference & Dinner (March 30, 2023) is the premier gender equity conference and awards event for advocates of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Corporate leaders from around the world who are intentional about DEI will gather to learn from one another and to recognize outstanding organizational initiatives to advance women in the workplace. 

Increasing women’s representation in the workplace has been a core focus of Catalyst since the beginning. And while we’ve made significant progress, we still have much further to go. Employees that are women of color, LGBTQ+, or have a disability are all less likely to report that their organization is inclusive, accountable, and fair. Catalyst has actionable resources to address this head-on. 

Lorraine Hariton, President + CEO, Catalyst

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