MARC Leaders

Engaging Men as Champions

I became more aware of my own personal biases and gained a better appreciation for the critical role that men play in driving systemic change. —MARC Leaders Participant

MARC Leaders

MARC Leaders is an immersive program focused on engaging men as change agents who lead efforts to bring greater diversity to the workplace. MARC Leaders leverage the collective wisdom, experience, and influence of a cross-company network to enhance their own leadership effectiveness and catalyze change in their organizations. As participants sharpen awareness of inequalities, unconscious biases, and privilege, they will develop and hone skills to drive change.

MARC Leaders Programs

Marc Leaders Programs enables emerging and senior male leaders to develop critical inclusive-leadership strategies; sharpen awareness of inequalities, unconscious biases, and privilege; and hone skills to make lasting impact. Over 1.5 days, participants are challenged to enhance their own leadership effectiveness and discuss ways to effect change in their respective organizations. This workshop is designed for up to 60 individuals per session.

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The MARC Leaders Executive Dialogue is a unique program for senior leaders and executives that raises awareness and generates interest in supporting and promoting workplace equity. The MARC Leaders Executive Dialogue introduces concepts critical to sustained collaboration between men and women leaders who champion inclusion. This flexible service includes half-day to full-day options to suit the demanding executive schedule.

Overview PDF: MARC Leaders Executive Dialogue

MARC Teams

MARC Teams offer a group-learning strategy for creating inclusive workplaces together. This program is a free benefit for Catalyst Supporters.

In a MARC Team, a small group of men and women colleagues meets regularly on their own to develop new skills and deepen awareness, supported by discussion guides and materials from MARC.
MARC Teams support culture change on a grassroots level, empowering members to drive discussion and learning along a progression of monthly topics.
As Teams progress, members will develop their ability to see through someone else’s perspective, practice having dialogues across differences, and advance skills to support a climate of inclusion regardless of level.

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Overview PDF: MARC Teams