MARC Leadership Learning Series

The MARC Leadership Learning Series is for directors to senior leaders, focused on creating greater empathy and skills to navigate gender conditioning, privilege, and healthy masculinity.

Engaging Leaders to Deepen Understanding and Enhance Inclusivity

Catalyst research shows that 86% of men say they are personally committed to interrupting sexist behaviors when they see them in the workplace, yet only 31 % feel confident in their ability to do so. However, more than 82% of MARC alumns report high levels of confidence, which is nearly 3x higher than the confidence level Catalyst normally finds. MARC transforms good intentions into concrete actions. The Leadership Learning series is:

  • For 25-30 participants per workshop
  • Online
  • Three 3hr sessions with 20 minutes of self-led learning between sessions
To ensure that your directors through to senior leaders remain committed to driving systemic change in a credible and authentic way and benefits from creating workplaces and cultures that are fair, equitable and inclusive please reach out to us for more information about pricing and availability.


Transform Awareness into Action

The MARC Leadership Learning Series will provide participants an opportunity to create personal connections to issues of gender conditioning, privilege, healthy masculinity, and more. Leaders will build commitment and capacity as gender partners and advocates for equity.

Turn Their
Commitment Into Action
Developed Their Understanding
of Gender Equity Issues
Will Make a Positive Impact on Inclusion Within Their Workplace

“Chevron’s partnership with Catalyst MARC has created pathways for inclusivity, achievement, and growth for people of all genders across our workforce. Together, we’re creating workplaces that work for women today—and for generations to come.”

—Michael Wirth, CEO, Chevron


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