Men and Equality

For Men

Why Men?

As men, we can make a difference.

Equality benefi­ts everyone, both in and outside the workplace.

In workplaces where gender equality is the norm, men:

  • Are more free to be themselves and step outside of stereotypical ideas of what it means to be a “man”—asking for help when we need it and being free to express our emotions instead of bottling them up.

  • Are more likely to have access to and take advantage of work life policies and spend more time with their families.

  • Have better relationships with their co-workers, spouses/partners, and children.

Men Have Influence

Because the majority of senior leaders in today’s business world are men, men are in the best position to influence cultural and organizational change. We need leaders who can create truly inclusive cultures—environments where women and men have equal opportunities to make contributions and advance to leadership roles. 

We as men have the potential to transform workplaces by boosting diversity and inclusion. It goes beyond having important discussions about what can be done to further the cause of equality, it’s about supporting one another as we advocate for change whenever we discover inequality.

Inclusion Begets Success

The best leaders let others know where they stand on issues of gender and inclusion. Silence can be interpreted (or misinterpreted) as support for the status quo. When we are silent, those who exclude others feel that their behavior is justified, and those who are excluded feel marginalized. When men speak up it has a big impact.

Fostering inclusive cultures where power is shared more equitably can ensure that more employees have access to career-advancing opportunities and can contribute to business success. Find out how you can Stand for Gender Equality at Work.

Men Advocating Real Change (MARC)

MARC is a learning community created by Catalyst for professionals committed to achieving equality in the workplace. MARC empowers community members, both men and women, to engage in candid conversations about gender and inequality, its impact in the workplace, and how to lead change through member-generated advice, insights, and best practices. Membership is free and open to anyone seeking to drive change in the workplace.

Here are just some of the benefits of joining MARC:

  • MARC Virtual Community and Blog

  • MARC Leaders programs for emerging leaders and senior executives working to enhance their own leadership effectiveness

  • Virtual Library of user-generated multimedia content

  • MARC-to-Go Newsletter 

  • MARC Events

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