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Engaging Men in Gender Diversity Initiatives

Catalyst Benchmarking Virtual Roundtables, webinars, and discussions create a community where Catalyst Supporters share with one another their work, progress, and challenges around diversity and inclusion (D&I) programs and policies. This roundtable summary focuses on Catalyst’s work on engaging men in gender diversity initiatives.

While women make up almost half of the workforce in many parts of the world, the most senior roles in the largest businesses are still overwhelmingly held by men. Catalyst research has addressed a number of barriers to women’s advancement in the workplace: gender bias and stereotyping in the United States and Europe, a lack of role models, too few mentors and sponsors, and exclusion from informal networks.

Men have a critical role to play in leveling the playing field for all talent but are often an untapped resource in gender diversity initiatives. Men can—and should—be partners in educating other men and in moving organizations toward gender equality.

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