Frontline Employees Initiative

Catalyst is broadening our focus to include women in frontline roles. This archive is a collection of Catalyst’s resources pertaining to this Frontline Employees Initiative—part of the 2023 campaign, Accelerating Equity on All Fronts.



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Frontline Employees Initiative

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Ready to get started on your journey to healthier, happier frontline workers? Punch in and let’s go!

Webinar: How to Create a Respectful and Rewarding Frontline Experience–New Catalyst Data Shows How 

At the end of this webinar, you will have a better understanding of the challenges faced by frontline employees and what it means to attract, retain, and support them.

Catalyst Canada Roundtable: Elevating Frontline Engagement: Insights and Tools for Success

Join us for an engaging an insightful roundtable discussion based on recent research and tools that support women in frontline roles, conducted by Catalyst in partnership with Accenture.

4 Ways Companies Can Improve Frontline Dynamics (E-book)

Turnover is a multibillion-dollar issue, and companies that don't clearly communicate or build the frontline employee value proposition are likely…

Catalyst Awards

The 2024 Catalyst Awards: The Catalyst Effect in Action

On 12 March, over 2,000 people gathered in midtown Manhattan and online for the 2024 Catalyst Awards Conference and Dinner.

Frontline Employees Initiative

Team Dynamics on the Front Line: How Managers and Organizations Impact This Overlooked Key to Retention

Businesses are losing billions of dollars by overlooking frontline employees. Improving team dynamics can help.

Frontline Employees Initiative

Beyond Troubleshooting: Conversation Skills for Frontline Managers

With the right training, frontline managers can create a  positive workplace by creating a safe space for dialogue.

Frontline Employees Initiative

3 Ways Frontline Managers Can Improve Workplace Culture

This mini-guide is essential for anyone looking to elevate their frontline team's performance and drive sustainable growth.

Frontline Employees Initiative

Retaining Frontline Retail Talent: Focus on Caregivers, People from Marginalized Racial and Ethnic Groups, and Gen Z

As retailers enter the holiday crush, employees become even more vital to being able to deliver a positive customer experience…

Frontline Employees Initiative Communications Toolkit for Supporters

Frontline Employees Initiative

Executive Tool: Window to the Front Line

Ready to get started on your journey to healthier, happier frontline workers? Punch in and let’s go!

Frontline Employees Initiative

Manager Tool: Moments That Matter

Empower frontline supervisors to build rewarding environments for women with 24 scenario-based learning cards and a collection of video and audio micro-learnings.

Frontline Employees Initiative

Women on the Front Line: Enabling Them to Thrive, Stay, and Perform (Report)

Women working frontline roles in retail, hospitality, and manufacturing need workplaces that respect their health, well-being, and talent.

Webinar: Women on the Front Line: Enabling Them to Thrive, Stay, and Perform

During this webinar, Catalyst will unveil its cutting-edge research, produced with Accenture, and actionable companion toolkits for frontline executives and managers that will help solve the challenges many organizations face for women in frontline roles.

Frontline Employees Initiative

Time for Systemic Workplace Change: 9 Highlights From the 2023 Catalyst Awards (Infographic)

The Catalyst Awards conference focused on systemic change and previewed Catalyst’s new Frontline Employees Initiative.

Catalyst Conversations EMEA: Accelerating Equity on All Fronts: Inclusion in STEM and Manufacturing

During this highly interactive small in-person session we will give attendees the opportunity to share their organization’s experiences, insight, and practices, as well as consider how Catalyst can best support your DEI efforts.

Frontline Employees Initiative

Let’s Make Respectful and Rewarding Workplaces for Frontline Employees.

Catalyst is meeting the moment and broadening our focus to include women in frontline roles, so all women thrive.

Gender Pay Gap

Getting Started With Pay Equity (Practices)

These organizations focused on closing the gender pay gap by learning more about their employees and analyzing the data.

Engaging Men

When Managers Are Open, Men Feel Heard and Interrupt Sexism (Report)

Managers are uniquely positioned to make men feel their voices are welcome and to contribute to a culture of openness.

Race, Ethnicity, and Culture

Indigenous Peoples in the United States: Ask Catalyst Express

These resources offer information about Indigenous Peoples in the United States in the workplace and beyond.