Empathic leaders are critical in helping employees adjust to shifting life-work obligations. In today’s world, and in the future of work, empathy is a business imperative. This archive is a collection of Catalyst’s work to Reimagine the Workplace—part of our sixtieth anniversary campaign, The Great Reimagining: Equity for Women, Equity for All.



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Connecting with Empathy and Trusting Your Team (Webinar Recording)

How can organizations incorporate empathy and trust in their career development to create inclusive leaders for the future ?

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Future of Work

Leading With Empathy: Knowledge Burst

Learn about the importance of empathy as a future-of-work skill and put it into practice on your team.

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The Power of Empathy in a Crisis (Report)

Our research shows that in challenging times, empathy can be particularly essential. Learn how your organization can benefit from it.

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Future of Work

Virtual Workshop: Demonstrate Empathy at Work

Give your managers the skills to build an equitable, people-first culture to succeed in the future of work.

Future of Work

Empathy in the Workplace: Flip the Script (Infographic)

Practice building your empathy skills to form stronger bonds with team members and foster an inclusive workplace for everyone.

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Inclusive Leadership

Why Leaders Must Connect More During Times of Crisis (Report)

Here are steps leaders should take to show openness and vulnerability authentically to connect with their team at work.

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MARC Foundations

This online course provides employees of all levels with a compact introduction to MARC and the topic of gender partnership.

Future of Work

Why Empathy Is a Superpower in the Future of Work (Report)

Empathy is a critical human skill, allowing people to create connections with colleagues, especially during times of disruption.

Organizational Culture Change

Catalyst Inclusion Accelerator

The groundbreaking Catalyst Inclusion Accelerator is the premier diagnostic tool to evaluate and monitor how teams and employees are experiencing…