Unconscious Bias

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Unconscious bias exists in each person’s world view, affecting our behavior from the classroom to the workplace. We don’t necessarily feel it, but many of those around us do. As a result, unconscious bias creates barriers to inclusion, performance, engagement, and, ultimately, innovation. And while we cannot completely rid ourselves of unconscious bias, learning how to mitigate its impact is a skill that everyone can learn.

Get the Facts With Catalyst Reports

Catalyst reports expose the existence of stereotypes and bias, and the pernicious effect they have on opportunities for advancement for women, people of color, and others.

Share Our Powerful Infographics

These short, engaging tools contain simple strategies to combat unconscious bias in your workplace.

Learn From the Best Through Webinars

Listen to Catalyst experts and corporate diversity and inclusion practitioners discuss how they address unconscious bias (Supporter exclusive).

Commit to Learning More

Our hands-on, skill-building, practical solutions will move participants from passive awareness to conscious action. To schedule a training session or to learn about customizing a session for your organization’s unique needs, contact Audrey Gallien.

  • Unconscious Bias, Inclusion, and You—Executives. In this interactive session, executives will clearly understand the importance of their unique role in creating a culture of inclusion through actionable strategies that improve both innovation and team citizenship.

  • Unconscious Bias, Inclusion, and You—Managers and Contributors. In this interactive session, learners will practice the skills to interrupt bias and create an inclusive workplace environment through research-based behaviors that drive inclusion. 

  • Speaking Engagement: Unconscious Bias, Inclusion, and You. In this session, which can be in-person or virtual, an engaging Catalyst speaker will explore leading research on why people make the choices they do, and share how anyone can create a more inclusive workplace by becoming intentional in their leadership style.

  • MARC Leaders Executive Sessions. Engage men as change agents and allies in gender inclusion initiatives by building awareness of gender bias and privilege in this powerful workshop.

  • CatalystX. Mitigate unconscious bias and become a more inclusive leader with our interactive, online course "Unconscious Bias: From Awareness To Action," hosted by edX.