Latin America

Latin American countries play a pivotal role in the global economy, and Catalyst has extended our reach into this important region in recent years.

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Business Case

Women in the Workforce – Mexico: Quick Take

While important advances have been made, Mexican women still face many workplace challenges.


Does Your Organization Have a Climate of Silence? (Infographic)

Organizational silence prevents men from speaking up against sexism at work. This infographic shows the warning signs that leaders should…

Business Case

Guide to Benchmarking Data on Women in The Workplace

A summary of gender benchmarking resources that are publicly available.


Infografía: Sea Inclusivo Cada Día

Comience con estas acciones fáciles, prácticas e intencionales para lograr un lugar de trabajo más incluyente.

Unconscious Bias

Infografía: Como Combatir el Prejuicio Inconsciente

Descarga esta infografía para aprender cómo usted puede convertirse en un mejor líder.


Infografía: La Inclusión Es Importante

¿Quiere construir equipos de alto rendimiento? Haga a sus empleados sentirse más incluidos en el trabajo.

Talent Management Practices

Report: Today’s Mexican High Potentials at Work

This study helps firms understand how best to manage high-potential Mexican employees.

Talent Management Practices

Report: Corporate Landscape in Mexico: Understanding Approaches to Talent Management and Women’s Inclusion

To remain competitive in this global business landscape, talent management—in particular a focus on diversity and inclusion—is critical.

Talent Management Practices

Informe: Panorama Corporativo en México: Análisis de las Estrategias de la Gestión de Talento e Inclusión de las Mujeres

Las mujeres en México representan una proporción significativa del talento disponible.

Business Case

Case Study: Natura—Fostering Innovation, Empowering Employees, and Developing Communities: Sustainability for Business and Society

Learn about Natura's efforts at sustaining the communities within which it operates.

Catalyst Award Winner

Case Study: Alcoa Inc.—Building Opportunities for Women in a “Hard Hat” Company

Sponsorship and Mentoring

Case Study: PepsiCo Mexico—Promoting Gender Equity and Women’s Leadership: Creating Inclusive Environments and Developing Female Talent


Case Study: Associação Brasileira de Turismo para Gays, Lésbicas e Simpatizantes (ABRAT GLS)—Deepening Social Inclusion, Reducing Discrimination, and Promoting Business Through LGBT Tourism

Work-Life Effectiveness

Case Study: BSR and Levi Strauss Foundation—HERproject: Health Enables Returns Workplace Program for Women

Future of Work

Instrumento: Tendencias Laborales: Las decisiones de hoy, el éxito de mañana

Los expertos de Catalyst han identificado seis tendencias que las empresas necesitan conocer.

Catalyst Award Winner

Case Study: IBM Corporation—Global Women Leaders’ Task Force: Creating the Climate to Win