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Women of Color in U.S. Securities Firms—Women of Color in Professional Services Series

Securities firms are giving increasing levels of attention to workforce diversity and creating inclusive work cultures to attract and retain top talent, impact the bottom line, and court clients across geographies. In fact, white men represent only 17 percent of the global talent pool of people with graduate education. Furthermore, an increasing number of minority women and men are pursuing Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in business. The findings showed that:

  • Women of color risk experiencing a deceleration in their career trajectories as a result of the combined effects of race/ethnicity, gender, and birth country.
  • Women of color face disadvantages that white women, men of color, and white men do not. These start with an exclusionary workplace, lead to difficulties forging connections with others—including managers, mentors, and in informal relationships—and result in fewer business development opportunities.
  • With fewer connections and chances to shine, women of color advance at a slower rate than others, and, ultimately, many are faced with a “concrete” ceiling.

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