Women of Color

Research shows that women of color—Asian, Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and multiracial—experience exclusion, discrimination, and bias within the workplace. Too few women of color are represented on corporate boards, and many experience an emotional tax at work. These Catalyst resources include research and actions you can take to address these obstacles and make your workplace more diverse, equitable, and inclusive.



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Race, Ethnicity, and Culture

Research, Reading, and Resources for the Antiracist: Ask Catalyst Express

To make constructive change, we must work to counter the biases that cause us to have very different experiences.

International Women’s Day (IWD): Impacting Positive Change by Embracing Equity Webinar Recording

In celebration of International Women’s Day, and of women across all their intersecting identities, join Catalyst for a vibrant discussion on leveraging your sphere of influence to forge a fair and equal world.

Sponsorship and Mentoring

Allyship in the Workplace: Leadership Practices That Support Career Advancement for Black Women

Learn how leaders and managers can support Black women and create meaningful career pathways to support their advancement and leadership.

Race, Ethnicity, and Culture

Senior Leaders Must Step Up to Combat Racism (Media Release)

Catalyst research shows that half of women from marginalized racial and ethnic groups have experienced racism at work.

Race, Ethnicity, and Culture

World of Voices

This series amplifies the voices of employees from marginalized racial, ethnic, and cultural groups; provides global business leaders with data-driven, intersectional insights; and helps organizations not only drive positive change but also illuminate a path forward for equity and inclusion.

Women of Color

Women of Color in the United States (Quick Take)

Women of color will be the majority of all women in the United States by 2060.

WEBINAR: International Women’s Day (IWD): Impacting Positive Change by Embracing Equity

Join Catalyst as we recognize International Women's Day, celebrating women across all their intersecting identities.

WEBINAR: Allyship in the Workplace: Leadership Practices That Support Career Advancement for Black Women

According to Catalyst research, 89% of Black women say that they aspire to leadership positions in their workplace.

Emotional Tax

Majority of Employees from Marginalized Racial and Ethnic Groups Experience Emotional Tax in Five Countries (Media Release)

Catalyst research shows 61% of employees of color experience being on guard to protect against race, ethnicity, or gender bias.

Emotional Tax

Emotional Tax and Work Teams (Infographic)

View the key findings from the Catalyst report, Emotional Tax and Work Teams: A View From 5 Countries.

EMEA Roundtable: Conversations around Race and Ethnic Diversity Inclusion at Work

To ensure successful and meaningful dialogue, we need to acknowledge and work through roadblocks that can stifle progress.

Canada Roundtable: comment retenir les talents sous-représentés

Catalyst vous convie à un panel afin d’échanger sur les meilleures pratiques pour retenir les talents des groupes sous-représentés

Women CEOs

Women CEOs in Underrepresented Groups (List)

Women, women of color, women born outside of the United States, and LGBT women are underrepresented in the Fortune 500.

Women of Color

Prioritizing Asian/Pacific Island Communities' Experiences

In recognition of Asian Heritage Month (Canada) and AANHPI Heritage Month (US), leaders will examine API women’s experiences.

The Business Case for Retaining Black Women

Before Covid-19, 52% of Black women planned to leave their employers because of lack of advancement, microaggressions, and pay inequity.

Women of Color

People of Colour in Canada (Quick Take)

Facts and figures about Canada's people of colour population in the workplace and education.

Inclusive Leadership

Prioritizing Equity at a Pivotal Moment: The Catalyst CEO Champions For Change (Report)

These 70+ CEOS led 11 million employees through one of the most tumultuous times in recent history.

Financial Times Women at the Top Americas Summit

How could a diverse workforce help to speed up recovery? How can women rise in the new world of work?

LinkedIn Live: Equity and a Path Forward for Black Employees

Join us for a conversation about the systemic barriers that Black employees face in the workplace.

Webinar: Building Successful, Inclusive Workplaces Through Empathy

This webinar will be hosted in the following time zones: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT / 9:00 AM –…