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Ask Catalyst Express: Benchmarking

Where can I find benchmarking data on women and men across levels and/or industries? 

Catalyst does not have a benchmarking service. Freely available benchmarking data can be difficult to find and sometimes may not even exist. We have attempted, however, to gather what is publicly available. While external benchmarking can be useful, it doesn’t give a complete picture of an organization's talent pipeline. Catalyst believes organizations should seek solutions through internal benchmarking to identify the organization’s own strengths, challenges, and opportunities. We provide a Catalyst supporter-only tool called Vital Signs that will help you ask the right questions to provide insight into your own organization's talent pool. 

Catalyst Benchmarking Resources


• Vital Signs: How They Can Lead To Change In Your Organization 
 Using Your Data to Close the Gaps 
• Determining Actions for Inclusive Policies and Practices 

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PepsiCo Mexico—Promoting Gender Equity And Women's Leadership: Creating Inclusive Environments And Developing Female Talent
Supporter Exclusive

Excerpt: In 2004 the executive committee began setting goals annually that are applied across the company, including targets for the representation of women. The committee sets these goals each year by committing to achieving higher women’s representation than the year prior. 

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